Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inside a Gay Latina's Debate With Traditional Dad over the Sanctity of Marriage

I am so excited to share that I was published on

“I agree! They should have rights as far as protecting their assets. They should have the same benefits and be on their partners insurance if they are in a relationship. I just don’t believe that they should be married in a church. They should have a legal contract but not a legal marriage. They should not have the same rights to marry as a man and woman.” This said to me first thing in the morning by my father all before my morning cup of Bustelo.
“Papi, are you serious right now? Are you really talking to me about church and the bible? You don’t even believe in it. You are being such a hypocrite.”
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Inside a Gay Latina's Debate With Traditional Dad Over the Sanctity of Marriage

Peace, light and LOVE!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finding The Third Root: Afro-Latinos — 

Finding The Third Root: Afro-Latinos — 

Unlock ME! Les singles night!!! TONIGHT! @thedalloway

I am so honored to hosting this wonderful event benefiting The Ali Forney Center. I hope you will join be for a night filled with laughs, possibilities and love. This is an incredible cause raising money for LGBTQ homeless youth.

See you there!!!

Peace, light and love,




March 22, 2013, New York, NY – MadMildred celebrates the launch of their new blog, with the ‘Unlock Me’ singles mixer at The Dalloway on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 starting at 7pm benefiting The Ali Forney Center (AFC), a nonprofit shelter for homeless LGBTQ youth in New York City.

MadMildred is a blog where one can speak their mind freely. “I want to give women a platform to vent and share stories,” says Mildred, about offering women a safe place to escape in her new blog. MadMildred believes in empowering women through self-expression and instilling confidence through future workshops and upcoming support groups- specifically in the LGBTQ community.

The ‘Unlock Me’ event will highlight The Ali Forney Center to bring awareness to the homeless LGBTQ youth. “My older sister as a teenager was kicked out of our house after announcing she was gay,” says Mildred on why the AFC is a good fit. “A place like the Ali Forney Center would have been a great place for her to turn to.” The AFC provides shelter as well as comprehensive healthcare services to homeless LGBTQ youth throughout the New York City area.  MadMildred will have a box set up for collecting donations as well as brochures with more information at the event.

The ‘Unlock Me’ mixer will be using the lock & key theme in which half the guests will get a lock and the other half get a key.  Patrons get to ‘unlock’ each other as they mingle.  “It’ll serve as a great ice breaker!” adds Mildred. There will be interactive activities with a few giveaways.  The event is taking place at The Dalloway located on 525 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013. Starting at 7pm, the ‘Unlock Me’ singles mixer event is FREE.


The Ali Forney Center is the nation's largest and most comprehensive organization dedicated to homeless LGBTQ youth. By rescuing kids from the dangers of the streets and placing them into safe, homelike environments, AFC provides homeless LGBTQ youths, aged 16-24, with the support and services they need to escape the streets and begin to live healthy and independent lives.  HYPERLINK ""

The Dalloway was born out of a desire to create a venue with a strong female team that is open to everyone, but especially providing the LGBT community with a place that feels like home. Whether looking to meet new people or sit and enjoy cocktails, the Dalloway provides a contrast that meets all expectations and creates an open platform for everyone who enjoys good food and well-stocked bars.  HYPERLINK ""

MadMildred believes in empowering women by instilling confidence through future workshops and support groups- specifically in the LGBT community. One creative outlet is the MadMildred venting blog-encouraging women to express themselves by voicing their opinions while building a healthy self-esteem.

PRESS CONTACT: Jakira Torres / 646.942.4944 /

Thursday, March 14, 2013

In honor of womyn all over the world! I WAS BORN #WHM #WOC #LGBTQ

I would be honored if you would Join us on

Sunday, March 24th

For a special performance of I WAS BORN, written by Alicia Anabel Santos and performed by the amazingly beautiful and talented Jenny Perez.

Photo by: Sandra Guzman

This performance is being offered as a gift in honor of WOMYN'S HERSTORY MONTH...

In honor of every womyn in our lives... the many womyn we love... the womyn who have raised and influenced us and those womyn who continue to watch over us!

This will be a special reading/performance as we kick off the I WAS BORN 2013 College Tour.

I WAS BORN~ Is a multimedia one-woman show about seven remarkable women that Lia a reporter from the United States meets during her travels throughout Latin America. These women have impacted, inspired and changed the way she sees women from Latin America.

These seven women represent the strength of the Latina… these womyn were BORN to tell THEIR STORY. They each share their experiences through personal testimonials.

Lia’s aim is to bring these stories to the surface and give recognition to Latina’s for what they symbolize and ALL that they contribute to the human story. Her mission is to walk with each of them as their worlds collapse and their stories collide. This is the story of the women who are hidden behind the darkness.

I WAS BORN~ is a story that takes you on a journey through the labyrinth of Latin America where seven brave women bring you into their world.

VENUE: Corcho Wine Room
227 Dyckman

Doors open at 5:00pm
Showtime: 5:30pm



Sending you all so much LOVE!!!


Ending FEMICIDE one word and one womyn at a time I WAS BORN!

Video clip: Excerpts from - I WAS BORN the play. Womyn Without VOICES/Mujeres Sin VOCES event on December 14, 2010 at the LGBT Center NYC. 
Performed by: Meriam Rodriguez, Jennifer "Skye" Cabrera, Jenny Perez, and Alicia Anabel Santos

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Language of Light~ Gina Breedlove a Love Story!

Language of Light… that is exactly what I experienced the first time I heard Gina Breedlove perform live. 


Celebrating womyn LOVE




A meditation

It is really wonderful to be in the presence of womyn who are filled with peace, filled with faith, filled with inspiration, filled with music, filled with blessings, filled with gratitude, filled with love and filled with LIGHT!

This is what I experienced during a performance that Hermana Breedlove shared with us in NYC last fall… she gave us all of her and today I am asking for us to give some of that back.

Let’s support this amazing artist in achieving her dreams!!!

With so much love and gratitude.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Womyn's HERSTORY Month~ Writing Workshop

I am incredibly excited to begin yet another journey with you as you write the stories you were born to tell... What a wonderful way to celebrate Womyn's HERSTORY Month <3 nbsp="" p="">
Writing from the Womb

My beloved womyn,

Welcome to the Writing from the Womb workshop. In this workshop we will be writing from our core… from our most sacred place. Exploring areas and moments that we might find difficult to reach alone in a supportive and nurturing space. This is a writing intensive so we will be pushing ourselves to the next level with our writing and our stories while at the same time being incredibly kind and loving with ourselves and our individual process. I am so grateful to be walking with you on this journey…. LET’S SHOW UP FOR OURSELVES!!!!


Week One: Writing as Practice
Week Two: Writing as Meditation
Week Three: Writing with Intention
Week Four: Writing as Craft
Week Five: Workshop pieces
Week Six: Workshop pieces

Workshop begins this Sunday, March 3, 2013 at 10:00am.

To register and for details please email: