Thursday, December 30, 2010

I WAS BORN by Alicia Anabel Santos

I WAS BORN~ Is a multimedia one-woman show about seven remarkable women that Lia, a reporter from the United States meets during her travels. I WAS BORN~ takes you on a journey through the labyrinth of Latin America where seven brave women bring you into their world. These women represent the strength of the Latina experience. They were BORN to tell THEIR STORY.

Performed by Meriam Rodriguez, Jennifer "Skye" Cabrera, Jenny Perez, and Alicia Anabel Santos in honor of womyn all over the world~

This video was a special night the Womyn Without Voices event at the LGBT Center, on December 14th, 2010... We performed the one woman play as an ensemble. Stay tuned for dates in 2011 where each actor will perform the entire show on their own night.

Peace and LOVE~

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Best of PANIC! Holiday Book Fiesta!

Happy Holidays everyone… I’d like to invite you to a special book release party tomorrow. It’s a wonderful anthology put together by the very amazing Charlie Vazquez which I am thrilled to be a contributor in (several writers in the NYCLWG are also featured).

Hope to see you there! If I don’t see you - -

Happy New Year!

May 2011 bring you one step closer to life you want to live!!!
Peace, light and LOVE, Alicia

Wednesday, December 29 • 7:30pm - 10:00pm

Venue: Nowhere
322 E 14th St (1st/2nd) - FREE - 21+
New York, NY

Host Charlie Vázquez and Nowhere are thrilled to present "¡The Best of PANIC! Holiday Book Fiesta!" which kicks off a little earlier than the readings do; we'll start percolating around 7:30 this time. We'll feature a brief reading showcasing a few of the writers featured in "The Best of PANIC!" anthology (lineup being kept top secret!--starts at 8PM sharp), and we'll even celebrate the season and all of the fantastic writers with a bona fide Puerto Rican dinner buffet after the reading wraps up--to launch a casual meet-and-greet for all the writers and their admirers...Christmas with Hector LaVoe this book rocks!

It's also photographer and antho contributor Nívea Castro's birthday!

To reserve a copy of the 216-page anthology, please RSVP to: (contributing writers get discounted copies)

All other info/ordering:

Today feels so different for me~

Today feels so different for me…
You know when you MUST
make a decision that you know feels right...
in your heart
Is the right thing to do..
But still
For a moment
You doubt yourself
You worry that what you let go of
May never return to you

Today feels so different for me
I am in love with a man
But I can’t……….
My heart aches
I hear our cries
Something inside dies
With him part of me was born

Today feels so different for me
Our story has been written
A beautiful play
125th Street
Air mattress

Today feels different for me
She sleeps like a child
Something is missing
My safe place to rest
like a child
head on his knee

Today feels different for me
loving you freely
gender not mattering
but deep down
there is TRUTH
love comforts us
carries us
staring at a blank page
once filled with a lifetime of stories...
New York
Graduation day
Tic Tac Toe

Today feels so different for me
Living life on instinct
Feeling deeply
This truth hurts
How can two people who are perfect for one another not match?


No one understood
And we liked it that way
The most important part of your day
We will love you

Today feels so different for me
He’s gone
The kindest eyes

Today feels so different for me…
I am questioning LOVE
Its meaning…
What it looks like
The gender of love
We saved each other
Lifted the other
Pushed one another

Today feels so different for me...
The air under my wings
We already knew how to fly
Flew over the Brooklyn Bridge hand in hand
Asbury Beach
First date
May 22nd

Today feels so different for me…
I would miss you
I already do
Our last night
I can’t imagine a better ending
We’ve been looking for each other
The gift wrap is torn
I’m bleeding all over my white dress
He searches for home
It’s been inside her all along

We are a force kid~

Monday, November 29, 2010

"and you will have all you desire…" FELT Playwright's Lab

So often we talk about the DREAMS we have… the GOALS we want to achieve… SUCCESSES we want to realize… MANIFESTATION… PERSONAL LEGENDS… PERSERVERANCE… LUCK… FOLLOWING THROUGH…

December 25th, 2009 I dropped my daughter off at Port Authority and spent Christmas by myself… I went to one of my favorite writing places in all of New York City and wrote… I had been back from Cuba a few weeks so I wanted to write about that… completed the Artist Way… I spent time working on my novel… and the idea for my one woman show…

Then called: WE WERE BORN… THEY WERE BORN… SHE WAS BORN… the story was born… I started sketching each character… developing the idea around all of my travel throughout Latin America….

As inspiration I used a poem I wrote – Quien Eres Tu to decide who of ALL the womyn I have met in Latin America truly impacted my life. They were all special and significant but I knew I had to pick SEVEN stories…

I WAS BORN—was born on Christmas Day… In February of 2010 I had the first draft of my play WE WERE BORN… and shared it with an executive I know… he didn’t get past the first page… he thought it was terrible… made no sense… my ideas were all over the place (that’s kinda how I write… and I like it…) he said it wasn’t even a script… he offered very STRONG yet honest feedback… and I was back to the drawing board…

At first I thought it was shit… maybe I didn’t have what it takes… Every once in a while I added things here and there until April 2010. In April, my dear friend Seary invited me to a writing class she was taking… not just any class it was a playwriting class. My eyes opened WIDE… what’s that line in the alchemist: “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”

I could not believe it… she was sitting across from me (the alchemist herself) we were having dinner we hadn’t seen each other in months… and here she was inviting me to a playwriting class…it was a special event her class was having in May… I was so honored she thought of me (by the way she had NO idea I was even writing a play-I’m just sayin).

May 3, 2010 I met her at the event and I met the director of her program who invited me to the remaining weeks of class – I entered at the tail end of it.

Long ass beautiful story short… I attended the last like four classes and finished the script… or some version of it… at that point I meet my significant other… y’all know him… Mr. Rock WILK…. Who dared me… he dared me to finish it… to get it done. Rock encouraged me to simply attend to my work…

So I was in a race… I desperately wanted to get it to the point where I could be considered for the professor’s selection of workshop readings for that session…

And I did complete it… not only did I complete it but my play was selected for a theatre reading last July (thank you Meriam for being the first person to ever read my play).

So here I am… DRAFT 22 of I WAS BORN and still moving forward… heading for Broadway y’all…

Ask and you shall receive
Knock and the door will open

There are hundreds of quotes that mean the same thing…

Do the fucking work… and you will have all you desire… (yeah you can quote that)

I share that story to invite you writers who want to complete a play… to attend the FELT Theatre Lab… class is starting next week and BELIEVE ME its well worth it.

So I invite you… no I DARE YOU (Rock I love you)… to follow through… to truly take your life… your art seriously. I was invited by a dear friend to a playwriting class (thank you SEARY) and look at ALL I’ve achieved… I’m incredibly grateful to the Lab for being a space that supported and encouraged me.

Here are the details…

The Fantastic Latina Playwright's Lab will begin December 6, 2010 - 6:00 P.M.

The Fantastic Latina Playwright's Lab is a creative writing program based on script development skills with the objective of stimulating women’s participation in the playwriting industry. The writing sessions will be held on Mondays from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Open to all women between the ages of 18 and up. We are interested in serving as a channel for Latina and non Latina voices. Our lab classes will be taught by established playwright, Carmen Rivera and will include a class on the Feminist Discourse. This will be a -MASTER PLAYWRITING WORKSHOP -- Students will further develop ideas they are working on, with an emphasis on "re-writing." This class is for experienced writers, who have written at least one piece before. The Lab will take for eight weeks. This is an intensive workshop that will culminate in a Stage Readings of the best pieces mounted by professional directors and actors.

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $225.00. For more information and required registration: Contact: The Fantastic Experimental Latino Theaterat (212) 228-3705 or email us at

And so it is~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Womyn Without VOICES/Mujeres Sin VOCES~

This reading is in honor and recognition of womyn with and without 2010 comes to a close our theme is about endings and beginnings and about mujeres with warrior spirits - what that means to us - the pieces presented by these artists will reflect these ideas.

Produced by the NYC Latina Writers Group, the PANIC! reading series, and The Center

Readings by:

Yazmín Peña
Cristy Road
Rosalind Lloyd
Maira Morales
Raven Blackstone
JF Seary
Nivea Castro


An hour of Latina womyn’s literary readings and an hour of workshop presentations of Alicia Anabel Santos’ one-woman show I WAS BORN.

I WAS BORN cast:

Jennifer Cabrera
Jenny Perez
Meriam Rodriguez
Alicia Anabel Santos

Charge is $5.00

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scribe Vibe: My Review of The Kids are Alright

I can't wait to meet this writer...

Scribe Vibe: My Review of The Kids are Alright: "The KIDS ain’t alright. And we can use the term “kids” loosely here, as, in black gay culture; the “kids” are in fact, the children, the ..."

Monday, October 25, 2010

NYCLWG Anthology: The Latina Feminist Movement

Dear Scribes,

We are SO excited to announce that the NYC Latina Writers Group will be accepting submissions for its first collective publishing venture - New York City Latina Writers Group Anthology: The Latina Feminist Movement.

This project will explore at how contemporary Latina Writers view feminism and its changes. It will analyze what being a feminist means to them. How we are redefining this term? A term that was originally reserved for “white women.”

How are women of this generation redefining FEMINISM?

How have the views on feminism changed today?

What are your ideas of what being a woman/feminist is?

How are we defining ourselves?

Do you define yourself as a feminist?

How do you define feminism?

Do you consider yourself a Latina Feminist or does the label make you cringe?

Is there such a thing as a Movement and is it still relevant?

How does it differ from non-Latina movements?

Is there a need for such a movement or are we living in a post-feminist society?

We wish to explore those questions and related ones like the Movement's effect (if any) on gender, sexuality, the arts, media, pop culture, or YOU as a woman.

We are seeking poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and essays from female writers - both unpublished and published. The important part is that it be QUALITY writing. Please send no more than 2 pieces of writing in standard manuscript form (Word doc, 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced) via attachment to, and All submissions must be unpublished works - we will not consider previously published pieces.

The deadline is December 1, 2010. We will notify all writers via email at a later date to let them know if their writing was accepted for inclusion into the Anthology. We encourage all our members to submit!

Any questions, please message Glendaliz or Alicia.

Happy Writing!


Glendaliz & Alicia

“The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.” -Ayn Rand 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Latino Writing Community~

This morning on Street Talk, Oct. 9, 2010

MYFOXNY.COM - Good Day Street Talk celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month. Writers Charlie Vazquez and Alicia Anabel Santos discuss how they are using their skills to bring members of the Latino community together.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Interview today for Hispanic Heritage Month~

Charlie Vazquez: Latino Writer and PANIC! Reading Series Creator and I were interviewed today for Street Talk New York by host Tai Hernandez airing this Saturday at 6:00AM on the FOX Channel 5 (NYC)--for Hispanic Heritage Month.

It was a wonderful conversation about the community of Latino Artists in NYC and where we are headed. Stay tuned~

About the Panic Series:

This is a group for those who wish to keep abreast of Charlie's monthly underground writers reading series PANIC!, which takes place at Nowhere in the East Village, NYC. Announcements relating to Charlie's blog and writing will also take place here. Twitter users: @charlievazquez!/group.php?gid=58676053536&v=info


NYC Latina Writers Group: Writers Circle~ TRANSFORMATION

The process of transformation...

This Saturday, October 10, 2010 at 1:00pm

October is my favorite month.... its a month of endings and beginnings... that's the theme for this Sunday's Writers Circle.

The Writing Circle is for WOMYN ONLY~ (sending love to the men)

What to bring:

Sustenance...pack a lunch...
This is a full day of writing
Wear something comfortable
Bring something you have been working on or ideas of something you would like to begin working on


To RSVP:!/event.php?eid=101125286619329

I WAS BORN a play written by, Alicia Anabel Santos

Artist: Angela Hayden
Title: Six Women of Color

I WAS BORN is the story of ONE woman’s journey - - LIA~ who travels to Latin America and meets SEVEN womyn… these are the testimonies of seven womyn who are desperately wanting to be heard.

Come meet: Clara, Milagros, Veronica, Priscilla, Isabella, Mara, and Caya through OUR EYES~

FIVE womyn, FIVE actors, FIVE performers: Jenifer Skye Cabrera, Meriam Rodriguez, Glenys Javier, Jenny Perez and Alicia Anabel Santos each bring their MAGIC to the stories in I WAS BORN~

Performed by:

VENUE: CAMARADAS (2241 1st Ave, @ 115th Street) $8.00

Mon. 10/11 - Jennifer Skye Cabrera 6:00pm

Tue. 10/12 - Meriam Rodriguez 6:30pm

Sun. 10/17 - Glenys Javier 3:00pm

Sun. 10/17 - Jenny Perez 6:00pm

VENUE: TEATRO LATEA (107 Suffolk Street) $15.00

Wed. 10/20 - I WAS BORN - FULL CAST (J. Cabrera, M. Rodriguez, G. Javier, J. Perez, and A. Santos) 6:30pm

Thu. 10/21 - Alicia Anabel Santos 6:30pm

2241 1st Ave
New York, NY 10029
(212) 348-2703

107 Suffolk St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 529-1948

Friday, September 10, 2010


Join me September 29 for Hispanic Panic · 8:00pm - 9:30pm

322 E 14th St (1st/2nd)
New York, NY

Charlie Vázquez and Nowhere are happy to present HISPANIC PANIC! – El futuro, an intimate and irreverent evening with six queer Latino writers and poets...

Charlie Vázquez will host poets and writers Aaron Powell, Orlando Ferrand, Maegan La Mala Ortiz, Miguel Angeles, Cristy Road and Alicia Anabel Santos for a very special evening of literary Latinidad and laughs--cheering to our future.

Don’t miss this chance to catch the edgiest wave of New York Latino literature and words in action. This reading will be followed by a special meet-and-greet with Blatino poet Aaron Powell, whose latest poetry collection “Behind Concrete Doors” has been shaking up the queer NYC poetry scene.

***We'll also be taking donations after the reading to help queer Nuyorican playwright, poet and actor A.B. Lugo go to Puerto Rico in November to present his play "Emboscada" at the XXXII Festival de Teatro de Caguas...

Alicia Anabel reading an excerpt her one woman show: I WAS BORN at the Latina Panic event hosted by Charlie Vázquez on July 29, 2010:

I WAS BORN: Reading

If you missed the workshop in July... you'll have a chance to catch the show this October. For more info. email

Synopsis: I WAS BORN~ Is a multimedia one-woman show about seven remarkable women Lia a reporter from the United States meets during her travels throughout Latin America. These women have impacted, inspired and changed the way she sees women from Latin

These seven women represent the strength of the Latina experience… they were BORN to tell THEIR STORY. These are women that you might hear about but have never met. They each share their personal experiences. These are their testimonials.

Lia’s aim is to bring their stories to the surface and give them recognition for what they symbolize and ALL that they contribute to the Latina story. She addresses the human rights violations that currently exist in Latin America… specifically
the breakdown of the Latina Woman…

Lia’s mission is to walk with each of them as their worlds collapse and their stories collide. This is the story of the women who are hidden behind the darkness.

I WAS BORN~ is a story that takes you on a journey through the labyrinth of Latin America where seven brave women bring you into their world.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

CASTING CALL: One woman show~ Saturday, Aug. 7th

I am scheduling auditions for this Saturday, Aug 7th. from 11am-4pm (please send EMAIL if interested with your FULL NAME)

Auditions will be held at:

El Museo del Barrio, 2nd Floor
1230 Fifth Avenue at 104th Street, New York, NY 10029

Casting call for one woman show

Seeking non-union actors (performance artists, and poets) for upcoming workshop of the play "I WAS BORN."

Latina’s who can play between the ages of 18 to 35.

If you have links to any of your performances please send to:
Auditions will be held in New York : Saturday, August 7th from 11am to 4pm.

Must be available for rehearsals last two weeks in August and all of September.

Performance is from October 6th - 12th


I WAS BORN~ Is a multimedia one-woman show about seven remarkable women, and Lia a reporter from the United States. These women have impacted, inspired and changed the way Lia views women from Latin America.

They were BORN to tell THEIR STORY.

Watch an excerpt from the play I WAS BORN:

Lia’s life mission is to tell the stories of women who are hidden behind the darkness.

I WAS BORN~ is a story that takes you on a journey through the labyrinth of Latin America where seven brave women bring you into their world.

This is an unpaid acting opportunity.

Non equity.

For more information please contact Alicia Anabel Santos at:

Friday, July 16, 2010

I WAS BORN a play written by, Alicia Anabel Santos


I would like to invite you to the stage reading of my FIRST play - I WAS BORN. This has been the most incredible journey and I would be honored to share this moment with you. I hope you can make it.

I WAS BORN~ Is a multimedia one-woman show about seven remarkable women, and Lia a reporter from the United States. These women have impacted, inspired and changed the way she sees women from Latin America. These seven women represent the strength of the Latina experience. They were BORN to tell THEIR STORY.

These are women that you might hear about but have never met. Lia’s aim is to bring their stories to the surface and give them recognition for what they symbolize and ALL that they contribute to the Latina story. LIA’S mission is to tell the stories of women who are hidden behind the darkness.

I WAS BORN~ is a story that takes you on a journey through the labyrinth of Latin America where seven brave women bring you into their world.

Monday, July 19th
at 6:30pm SHARP~

At Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center
107 Suffolk St., 2nd Floor
New York, N.Y. 10002 212.228.3705


Many blessings,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

TAW W4 A3: Letter from 8-year-old Alicia to me at 38

Week 4 assignment 3 September 17, 2009

Write a letter from me at 8 to me at 39… what would I tell myself… what were my favorite things…

1979 – I was 8 years old… 3rd or 4th grade… I loved my doll Natalie… my best friend was Val… I loved hanging with her when I was allowed outside to play… Josie would be turning 3 - - my brother would have been 9… I imagine I loved watching how happy Josie was ALL THE TIME and probably how envious and jealous I was because she got to have a childhood. She got to be free – innocent – have fun… she looked so happy – always smiling I can see her now in her little yellow dress always smiling – so cute… so much fun… its hard to remember being happy as a child… I don’t believe I was happy.

Dear Alicia,

Wow… you’re 38 years old… you’re a woman now… look at how tall you have grown. You look so different… you are beautiful… you have tons of books… ME I am still so skinny – you’re sooooooo lucky…

I have been reading a lot about your life in your blogs. You have had an interesting life… you have a daughter… wow – she’s really pretty. How did she get that good hair? I am 8 years old and Fabio is 9 – and little Josie is 3… I watch her a lot - - I take care of her and protect her. She is so cute~

What’s it like to be a woman…to be a mommy? I don’t think I will ever have children they look like a lot of work… and I don’t really like them.

So you’re a writer now? That’s really nice… I don’t have a favorite book… I don’t like to read –I like to write… I keep a diary… (in my mind I just drifted to a memory of when I wrote a letter to oprah… I wonder what was in that letter- - Ely was like 16 – me I was 14… 1985… jr. high school – I hated school – I must have written about how lonely and unhappy I was… I must have wrote how I was beat… I must have pleaded with oprah to come save me…to come help take me out of my home. I remember the letter being many pages… purple paper…)

Are you happy? Do you ever feel like you want to escape? Will I like being an adult?
Lee I am so happy you are so successful and are doing what you love – I hope to have a full life like you. To fall in love - - to make all my dreams come true… I hope to one day be just like you… please write me back… Alicia


TAW W4 A2: Dream House~

Week 4 assignment 2 September 17, 2009

In this exercise I was asked to describe my ideal environment… is it a small town, in the country, swanky, cozy city… yeah… aside from the brownstone I’ve always wanted on 119th in Harlem… My ideal environment is moving to the Dominican Republic.

I was asked to draw an image or find a clip - - so this is what my house will look like on the inside…

My ideal environment is a country home in the Dominican Republic… a spacious villa, two floors – with a courtyard… water fountain…gardens… flowers – fruit – veggies… and an incredible office with a view of the mountains and water… fresh air… sounds of nature… peaceful… a space full of love that anyone who enters can feel it automatically… a pool for Courtney… a pool table for lulu… my back yard will have a labyrinth so that I can leave negative energy outside of my sanctuary… the NYC Latina Writers group will come spend a week with me yearly so we can write, meditate… and just BE STILL… Peace and love is my ideal environment. Ideal because I love the SUMMER… I like it HOT… I love the sun… I love the sun setting - -I love feeling warm…

Yeah just like that~

TAW Week Four Assignment 1: Letter to me at age 80

Today I am reflecting… REVEALING MYSELF…looking back at my journey… what I have learned and want for my life. And realized that today its important that I FINISH what I start. So I am finishing posting my artist way journey in hopes that whatever journey you are on you too will finish it~

With love,

Week 4 Assignment 1 September 15, 2009

Assignment is to DESCRIBE myself at 80… AQUI ESTOY… Me at 80 years old… what did I do after 50 that I enjoyed? Write a letter from me at 80 to the Alicia who is 38… what would I tell myself - - what interest would I urge myself to pursue – what dreams would you encourage?

Hmmmmmm…..I dedicated ten years to successfully launching women and teen leadership organizations throughout Latin America… be specific…

Dear Alicia,

I am so proud of you.. I am proud of the work you are doing to help women throughout the world… you have dedicated your life to serving others when you could have easily made another choice… you could have chosen YOURSELF… chosen to be selfish…
The Afrolatinos project has opened quite a few doors for so many people – you and Renzo should be proud – you have shared all you’ve been through… and all you’ve learned honestly and openly with everyone you’ve met. Your life has been great - - beautiful… FULL and Courtney… what a tremendous job you have done raising her… she is a kind soul… with a great heart… you have taught her well… her work in the world has changed the way adults see children… with more respect for their interests and opinions… you are a great team…

You Alicia are LOVE… I love who you are and honor you… you have a huge heart - - your family, friends, and lulu love you deeply… thank you for coming into the world and for the legacy you have left…

Never stop dreaming – never stop reaching –never stop giving – never stop living - - never stop learning - - never stop LOVING….

The Daughters of the Revolution… by far your greatest work - - you FINALLY finished that novel… and it did turn into a movie… you won an Oscar for it… your first novel - - first film… you have broken so many barriers. They say you are a role model; they say you are a leader. I say you only did what you were called to do. It is an honor knowing you. Love always, Alicia

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fabric of Faith~

Comadres according to most dictionaries is defined as the name a godfather and godmother address the mother of their godson or goddaughter, and vice versa… ellos son Comadres~

They are Co-mothers~

, which is headed by Nora De Hoyos Comstock and a team of Comadres nationwide and internationally have taken this definition one step further. Las Comadres is a nationally known Latina organization whose aim is to connect and empower women to be active in the growing Latino/Hispanic communities through online and face-to-face networks, community building, with discussions on culture, education, and technology for almost 25 years.

Nora Comstock flew to New York to celebrate three incredible women who are participating in the Downy Touch of Comfort’s project: QUILTS FOR KIDS. On May 4th, 2010 I was invited to join Las Comadres and learn about this special project. In honor of mother’s day, (10) New York Comadres met to share stories on the wonderful work they are doing to serve the community. We met at the East Harlem Café where I listened to beautiful quilting stories and how proud they were to show the rest of us what they have done.

All the women came together to learn from (3) Comadres how they too could get involved with the Downy Touch of Comfort program. Quilt for Kids is a nonprofit organization affiliated with Downy… their mission is to make quilts for children in hospitals all over the country. The Quilts for Kids organization has donated 60,000 quilts, Downy has committed to 10,000 quilts and Las Comadres from all over the country will be donating 100 quilts. This beautiful collaboration Nora Diaz says is all about “giving these children a little a touch of comfort.” Diaz shared her passion for wanting to create something beautiful for these kids who are in hospitals, those who need special care and the importance of being a part of a project that makes a child feel better.

Nora Comstock spent some time talking about the importance of this initiative informing us that the Children’s Miracle Network has reported that there are 6 million children who are in hospitals across the country. She encourages all of us to come together and join Las Comadres in this Hispanic Outreach saying, “it’s a sense of giving back to the community through us.”

I asked Nora Diaz what she wanted the kids to feel when they received the quilt she making for them, “as I was making my quilt I was blessing it. I hope my quilt goes to a child who’s going to get better when they receive it. I pray that a child responds well to medication. I want this child to know there is life after being ill.” She hopes that each child who receives a quilt will get better – when they have that quilt wrapped around them. That the quilts bring them love, hope, faith and comfort.

How to get involved:

• By donating fabric – to quilts for kids
• If you cant make one – donate one… buy the fabric and send it to quilts for kids… buy bright colors, think of things that kids like love fairies, trucks, princesses, Disney themed, sport or superhero themed designs that will brighten a child’s day.

There are 3 ways you can bring this project to your community:

1. Sew a quilt
2. You can get a quilt from
3. Buy a bottle of Touch of Comfort

I am very proud to be a member of the Las Comadres organization and urge you to join this effort of bringing comfort to children~

For more information on the Quilts for Kids program:

For more information on Las Comadres please visit:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Love Letter to my nephew FABIO ANTONIO SANTOS JR. IV

My beautiful nephew... you probably don't remember me... but I remember you... its been too long since I've seen you.. since the entire family has seen you... and I wanted to take a moment to recognize your 19th birthday TODAY~ there is not a day we don't think about you and wonder how you are. You are a man now.... and when you are ready -- whenever you are ready... I am here (we are here) waiting to be in your life.

This letter is just to let you know that I LOVE YOU...

The entire family LOVES YOU...

No matter what you've heard...



I love you...

and I am waiting with open arms...

Wishing you the most beautiful birthday...


your Tia Alicia

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Smiling Passed the Scars~

I met someone today who will forever change my life. This person who came into my life at the at the exact moment that I needed an angel to guard me. To guard my soul--to hug my spirit. I wish I could tell you her name but KNOW that she is someone that I am looking forward to one day meeting.

As I write this I see the scars… but I see this light shining through her eyes and her smiling back at me. I see her strength… I see her happy in what could be a scary situation…she gives new meaning to LIFE IS SHORT and TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED!

This morning I was in bed and I didn’t want to get up… I didn’t want to get up because I was sad - - I felt a little depressed and I wondered why – why am I soooo depressed when everything in my life is going extremely well? Why--when my writing is strong? Why--when I’m blessed with incredible opportunity and have people in my life who love me? Why am I sad?

What I realized and what I understand is that I am mourning a loss… and loss can show up in so many forms… we lose people that we love dearly and I have had tremendous losses of people who have passed on and gone into their next world. I have had losses of relationships, losses of jobs, losses of opportunity, loss of faith, loss of hope, losses of friendships.. and it’s the loss of a friendship that has me sad today.

So today----while I was SAD an AMAZING thing happened… the universe sent me someone to pull me out of this feeling…this woman was sent to remind me to SMILE passed my scars… to smile passed my PAST pains… to just SMILE… but I will get to that.

This morning… I was reading a blog about PURPOSE---finding your purpose… knowing your purpose… when something the writer wrote hit me… Why am I HERE? And she followed that question by saying, “What we should be asking is – what should I be doing WHILE I AM HERE?”

I meditated on the words – “WE ARE HERE TODAY… WE ARE HERE RIGHT NOW… IN THIS MOMENT… EVERYTHING THAT WE DO, EVERYTHING THAT WE SAY, EVERYTHING THAT WE THINK, EVERYTHING THAT WE FEEL… all plays a part in finding out and understanding what our purpose is.”

Why am I here? What is my purpose?

I wrote those words at the top of a blank page – WHY AM I HERE?

And I laid back down… while I was lying down I started to think about the women in my life.. the writers that I know, friendships that I have, my daughter, sisters, cousins, aunts, my fiancé, and just the everyday people I have had conversations with about FINDING YOUR PURPOSE… and the many different ways that describe what purpose is… purpose = vision, mission, goal, passion, dream, personal legend… so many ways to say and define PURPOSE~

The bigger question is - - that’s great that SOME people get to know what THEIR purpose is – and those few really get to understand why THEY are here… but what about those who have NO IDEA why are we here? What I offer here is this…if you have no idea why you are here - - know that what you are feeling, what you’re saying, and what you’re thinking is playing a huge part—in your NOT KNOWING YOUR PURPOSE…if you are walking in the world believing that you have NO PURPOSE – and you’re thinking this, believing this, saying this and feeling this - - THIS FORM OF THOUGHT IS BECOMING YOUR PURPOSE… AND you have decided that.

So I’m laying in bed -- thinking about my own purpose –why I am here - - WHY is Alicia here? And what is it that I should be doing while I am here? I lay back down… because as I mentioned earlier I am mourning a loss of a friendship… when the phone rings… I answer… and it’s a person that I have NEVER met, a person that I do not KNOW, but nevertheless it is a phone call from a person that is incredibly important for my life and came into my life in the precise moment that I needed her.

This woman calls me by my first name like she’s known me for years… and we just start talking - - I don’t even ask her how she got my number but she knows me and NOW I know her too. And we spent I don’t know how long on the phone chatting. She was telling me about herself and how she would like to one day attend one of our writers group meetings – and I look forward to the day that she can.

During that conversation I start to cry but I am trying not to let her hear me…because this is someone that I don’t know… formally… I start to cry because even though – I don’t know her… she’s connected to me. she connected to me in the exact moment that I needed to be pulled out of my state.

She was telling me wonderful things about how inspired she is by me – and as I listened to her tell me her story, her testimonial about her life I realized that SHE was an inspiration to ME - - and in that moment I knew that—THAT IS my purpose.. my purpose is to connect to people…to provide a space for them to tell their stories… to support them on their journey… to help them with healing through words… my purpose is to connect to people…and while they may believe they are inspired by me… it is the other way around… they are brought into MY LIFE to inspire ME… so to that woman I say thank you…

THANK YOU FOR BEING EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO GET ME OUT OF BED… EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO GIVE ME PERSPECTIVE… EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO WRITE TODAY…THIS PIECE THAT I DEDICATE TO YOU… WOMAN THAT I HAVEN'T MET YET! Thank you. Today you showed up as an angel on my front doorstep disguised as an anonymous phone call… I thank you for reaching out to me and reminding me that my purpose is and always has been to reach out to others. To that ANGEL thank you for reminding me WHO I AM~


Thursday, April 29, 2010

“Don’t Dare Call Me AfroLatino!”

There is a great conversation happening right now in a facebook note titled, “Afro-Latino what does it mean? Is it a real Definition of a Dominican?”

An excerpt from the author of the conversation he writes:

“This is not about the economics of slavery, and the slow progress of development it as inflicted on the under-developed world, but about the reaction I got from my professor when I told her proudly that I am an Afro-Latino. My professor being a native of Puerto Rico, looked at me and said, "Don’t you dare call me Afro-Latino!" Surprised by how adamant she was I asked why? She said, “Latino is only used in the United States to inquire information in a Census form.”-“When you find a Latino in Buenos Aires let me know.” She continued by saying: “**Juan study your history por favor””
**For purposes of the this blog I have protected the identity of the student.

Is AfroLatino a real definition?

The term AfroLatinos as it is being used identifies a group of people (the 200 million descendants of enslaved Africans that exist today in South and Central America and the Caribbean). Using the term AFROLATINO is a way to honor the African contributions historically and the present day contributions so that they are included in the dialogue in ways they have not been included in the past.

Names of Leaders working on the Afrolatinos subject:
Dr. Georgina Falu, Puerto Rico/NYC

Dagoberto Tejada, Republica Dominicana
Dr. Marta Moreno Vega, Puerto Rico/NYC
Miriam Jimenez, Puerto Rico/NYC
Yvette Modestin, Panama/Boston
Juan Flores, Puerto Rico/NYC
Carlos Andujar, Republica Dominicana
Juan De Dios Mosquera, Colombia
Maribel Arrelucea Barrantes, Peru
Father Glynn Jermott – Costa Chica, Mexico
Organizations like CODAE (Corporacion de Desarrollo Afroecuatoriano), Ecuador
Yasmin Hernandez, Visual Artist, Puerto Rico/NYC
Alicia Anabel Santos and Renzo Devia, AfroLatinos: La Historia que Nunca Nos Contaron, New York/Bogota

Are just a few of the many people and organizations dedicated to raising awareness about AfroLatinos throughout the Americas. These are people who are devoted to seeing that AFROLATINO communities are no longer invisible.

Do I want to claim this definition?

YES – I do claim the AfroLatino definition! The definition as I understand it and as defined by the experts immersed and dedicated to this movement (mentioned above) is the study of the African influence in Latino/Hispanic countries and the contributions of black people throughout Spanish speaking nations. I absolutely claim it and wear it with an incredible amount of pride that no one can take from me. What I do by claiming AfroLatino roots is an understanding that while I accept that my country was raped and pillaged by Spanish conquistadors - - I am proud that I speak Spanish, that I am proud of my Taino roots albeit a very small percentage and I am proud of the African influence. I am proud that part of the strength that runs through my veins comes from the enslaved African who built our countries and that those slaves managed to hold on to their culture and faith in the face of a horrific history (400+ years strong) and still managed to hold onto their roots and that is a part of my story that I will never allow for someone to take from me.

Do you really want to claim a definition that is really not part of your history?

First of all, this is what we need to change. This is the place we need to start from. This is where we need a re-education. To ask the question of why we would accept a term that was never taught to us is to accept ignorance… it is the continual denial of a part of our history—a history that DID exist—a history that did happen—a history that did impact and change ALL of the Americas. For me to not claim this definition would be to pretend slavery never happened - - “so why bother talking about it?” Not including the arrival of blacks to our lands would be wrong and irresponsible of me as an educator, as a mother, and as a Dominican I have a responsibility to know my history and pass that on and working on the AfroLatinos project has provided me with access to our history in ways I would never have learned if I didn’t visit these communities.

The student went on to write that the discussion was not being about the slow progress of development… I don’t think we can have this conversation without it… we cannot ignore that it really is about the “slow progress of development” this is precisely what is at the root of this discussion—it is the foundation of this “AfroLatino Movement.” Latinos have yet to take a stand on something! Where is our civil rights movement? Where is our feminist movement (yes there have been some) but what substantial changes are we noticing? I believe that while some may find it difficult to change the world.

I want to know–what it is that we do stand for? The communities who live in the worse conditions all over Latin America are predominantly black and indigenous populations. These black communities are completely ignored and many are undeveloped to this day. In most of Latin American you will find these communities are pushed so far out into the country so that their own governments don’t have to deal with them. Afrolatinos are the most marginalized communities throughout Latin America.

Addressing the statement…"To classify the unclassified" is incredibly powerful as its a label that gives voice to a group of people (black) people that for the most part have not been included in the discourse and have no place at the table in Spanish speaking countries when it comes to the dispersal of funds, medical assistance and human rights--and this is found throughout ALL of Latin America.

The label Afrolatino is a positive one not intended to separate the blacks from the whites throughout Latin America. This movement is about providing a platform that acknowledges their existence.

Another student wrote: Debieramos "meter-mano" calling for to begin a national dialogue about this initiative and this cause. We need to have more talks and discussions BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY have "action" days!"

Another conversation comment was about "“Afro-Latino” that means being a member of an unspecified ethnicity or nationality BUT with partial African ancestry." I disagree the term Afro-Latino is very specific and intentional as the history that defines this label has a very clear message—they exist and this part of the story must be told.

"Dominican" is already inclusive of the African aspects of the culture.” was a comment left... my response is that it isn’t inclusive. He is one of a small percentage of Dominicans that believe this. Yet show me the curriculum that addresses the influence of Africans in the Latin America or here in the U.S. Provide me with the dates where we celebrate the contributions of blacks in DR. In DR we celebrate our independence from Haiti not our conquerors. It’s not inclusive... Let's visit the bateys. Let's analyze which communities receive funding and which communities still look like we are living in the 1500's in present day DR... Con todo el respeto que te merece--Its not inclusive.

A young woman writes: "Human Emancipation if we are constantly dividing and labeling ourselves." This is lovely sentiment. But until that happens I will continue to write about Afrolatinos because if I don't who will? When I look at Dominican, Peruvian, Colombian history it is almost always exclusive—this ONE version of a story and calling ourselves by the country we are from is not fully representative ALL the kinds of people living there.

Then we have a student saying, "I see Latinidad less as how I perceive myself and more as a conscious political choice to form part of an experience--a way of being and a history."

I want to address the professors statement “Don’t Dare Call Me AfroLatino” what right do I have to take away from a student their moment of pride… of claiming for himself/herself they they are an AfroLatino as if the term was something so terrible and insulting. what is so wrong with calling yourself Afrolatino? She disempowered him with her belief (it’s not about convincing her, our parents, the world.. or trying to prove what you are and why you take on a particular label. That is a personal choice and a personal journey… and no one has the right to tell us who we are.

I will agree with the professor… when you find a Latino in Buenos Aires they aren’t Latin they are Argentinian just like I am Dominican but in THIS world we are not on OUR homeland we are in a shared space - -where all of us Spanish speaking Hispanics, Latinos, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, minorities, people of color are in ONE box - - the Latino box and that box does not offend me. That would be like me saying don’t put Africans, U.S. born blacks, and West Indians in the African American box. What’s wrong with sharing the space? Especially in this country - - where we are not in the Dominican republic, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia or Peru yet we are connected through language, music, culture and history.

It is incredibly important to study our history and know where you are from. Calling yourself an Afro Dominican or an AfroLatino are all personal choices and we are each entitled to identify with whatever label suits us. Whatever label makes us feel comfortable and to wear it proudly. And no one has the right to take that away from you. For far too long labels have been put on us to keep us in a group or out of groups… when you find a label that is empowering like AfroLatinos why not where it? Whether your professor likes it or not, agrees or disagrees – Latino is the label that has been assigned to us. It is a label that we have been carrying and if she chooses not to use it… its her choice. But me personally, I am going to use Afrolatino, AfroDominican, Quisqueyana, Black Latina, Dominicana - - all of it… because I am proud of what those labels mean to me.

Does it matter that the U.S. created this label? Latino…

They also created “Nigger," "Colored people," "Black," and "Negro,” all names imposed on us… Afrolatino to me as I understand is not a term created by the U.S. Afrolatinos was created and is used by Latinos who are doing the work to identify, highlight and honor this community of people giving them their rightful place in history. Because as we know the African root and contribution has been negated, excluded in our Spanish History for far too long. A part of our story that has intentionally been left out of the history books not taught in curriculum, is not found in schools here in the U.S. as well as Latin America. For example, if you were to ask ten Latino children here in the U.S. to name 5 AfroLatinos or 5 famous Latinos in history I would be curious to know how they would respond.

Identifying with Afrolatino will be incredibly important in Latin America where the many shades of our skin vary so much where it is known that to be lighter is to be accepted yet the darker skinned children are left to feel like outcasts. Showing children a new reflection another definition that helps to explain the legacy of why their skin tone is darker, their features and who the role models are who represent them is empowering. Children will now have a complete history to identify with. No longer will they have to explain where they get their features from or burn their hair to fit in… accepting their blackness will support them in celebrating who they are.

I am thrilled that you guys are continuing the discussion. I hope more conversations like these happen y mas que eso that action follows.

Sending blessings~ ASHE ~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You can’t always get what you WANT~

You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

What a wonderful way to start 2010...

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve written a blog. With all my traveling throughout Latin America for the documentary I haven’t had a moment to share the experiences of my travel or the ups and downs of life on the road. I haven’t posted what I’ve learned or discovered during these trips... what I’ve learned about myself... and no worries... those blogs are coming... I will be posting quite a bit this week... particularly the rest of The Artist Way discoveries... I finished that process in Cuba and it felt wonderful...

This song has been my theme for today... You can’t always get what you want... YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED~

And lately I’ve been getting EXACTLY WHAT I NEED...

I guess I’ll start with how I started 2010... Jan. 11th I received a letter that completely deflated me... all the good work I’ve given to the world... I felt LIKE NOTHING... I was empty... HOPELESS... so I did what I always do... I went back to the thing that pulls me out of DARKNESS... the thing that gets me out of self-defeating experiences and thoughts... and I began to get ready.

I turned to my meditation CD’s... Dr. Wayne Dyer (The Power of Intention) I must say the first few days... just hearing his voice got on my nerves... so much positivity in the midst of my turmoil... I felt like it wasn’t working.

The negative feelings began to affect me physically for a week I couldn’t move... I didn’t get out of bed because I couldn’t move my neck and it hurt to stand. I continued to listen to these powerful messages in hopes that he would say the thing that would get me out of it.

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

Lately, I had been getting these emails from Tanya Morrison, Founder of 360º Degree Woman, Inc.

She moderates a FREE Monday night conference call and is a life coach and motivational speaker.

On that very same day that I received the unwelcomed piece of mail (Jan. 11th) I NOTICED something when I read through my notes... both Dyer and Morrison asked me the same question...

Are you living at a HIGHER LEVEL?
How are you living?
Are you living an average life?
Are you living a moderate life?
Are you living a mediocre life?
Are you living a life of excellence?
Are you walking in your GREATNESS?

Am I walking in my GREATNESS?

WOW... my immediate response to my crappy situation was NO I AM NOT!

And my next question was - - ok now that I KNOW THAT I AM LIVING BELOW AVERAGE... thanks for the info...

How do I get to that place of EXCELLENCE??? Because this CRAPPY place, was not where I wanted to reside....

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

I needed to get it together quick...

I was going to have (15) writers in my home in a few days... and my neck was killing me... it was TENSION... STRESS... FEAR... but because I AM a leader... and heading this group of women... women who look to ME for guidance... AND ME desperately needing some guidance of my own... I wanted to tell them don’t come... MY LIFE IS CRAP... I FEEL LIKE CRAP... I FEEL LIKE NOTHING... and I have NOTHING to offer. Your best bet is to not be around me.

But that’s NOT WHAT I DID...

So the NYC Latina Writers Group (NYCLWG: held our first meeting (Saturday, Jan. 16th) in my home and we spent an entire day dedicated to creating our WRITING VISION for 2010.

(Side note: NYCLWG members... I will post separately the writing prompts and exercises we worked on so you can do it at home.)

We basically shared our dreams and goals and visions for the year. We chose (3) main goals and offered each other support, suggestions and recommendations on how to ACHIEVE THEM... this was my list:


1. Isabel Allende a love letter - - send her a card monthly on the DOTR. I INTEND to get her to write the foreword...
2. COMPLETE The Daughters of the Revolution (DOTR)***
3. Write monologue
4. Make money on my writing***
5. Write articles
6. Post TAW – The Artist Way assignments on blogs
7. Sell the DOTR – early 2010$$$ ***
8. AfroLatinos - - finish writing scripts first (3) before June***
9. AfroLatinos – gets sold
10. Writing and acting classes
11. Get someone to direct my monologue
12. Write NYCLWG anthology – group effort
13. Vona – writers workshop
14. Writers fellowships/residencies
15. Apply for grants
16. Speaking engagements
17. Book with Sear – AfroLatinos
18. Book proposal
19. KH – to write book blurb
20. JD – to write book blurb
21. AR – to write book blurb


To the all my writers... and friends... post your VISION in the comments... lets share and support one another in getting there... Let go of the fear that SOMEONE will steal your idea is ORIGINAL.

So needless to say... it was a beautiful day full of sharing and clear direction on what steps we could each take to realize our VISION.

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

The very next day, Sunday, January 17th Ellie aka BlooWriter and I attended an all day retreat offered by: DeAlmas Women's Collective (Visit

This retreat was called VISIONES 2010, and the day was dedicated to DISCOVERING YOUR PERSONAL CALLING!

It was a beautiful day dedicated to BEING woman... a sacred space of empowerment and support for the women who attended with the aim of moving towards living a purpose-filled life. The description of what the day promised did not do it justice:

“Through visioning, ritual, reflective exercises, journaling, group sharing and celebratory manifestation work, we leave Visiones uplifted, motivated and ready to SHINE OUR FEMININE E-MOTION (energy in motion) for personal, community and global transformation.”

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

The day was beautiful... there was so much self discovery... and healing work... LOVE WORK... self LOVE... the BREAKTHROUGH for me was in a journal exercise where I blamed a person in my life for TAKING my spirit. I really believed that they had taken it.

In a later exercise... I wrote:


And as soon as I wrote that—my hand kept moving and the following came out:

I RELEASE THE IDEA THAT SPIRIT HAS ABANDONED ME... SPIRIT LOVES ME... AND I INTEND TO RECONNECT WITH SPIRIT... TO HONOR MY SPIRIT... TO LOVE MY SPIRIT... Spirit, I have missed you... please forgive me for not dedicating the care to all you need. To NOT feeding you...

In a separate blog I will talk more about my personal experience but what I did want to share was my testimonial and love letter of gratitude for the experience:

Dear xxxx,

You are LOVE!

I am grateful that I met you... Grateful you were born...Grateful you were brought into my life...

You ARRIVED to my life at the precise moment when I needed my heart massaged. Your SPIRIT hugged my spirit and now I can breathe again... I feel like a part of me is REVIVED.... I am alive again.


The moment my hands touched my chest-I felt RENEWED...

As if SPIRIT had returned to me... Yet it wasn't that at all...

Spirit has been waiting for me all along to touch her, to acknowledge her, to LOVE her, to feed her... She has been soooo hungry. Desperately trying to shake me awake and say; "Where are you going ALICIA? Why are you looking outside when I'm RIGHT HERE... Inside.... Just sitting around waiting for you to come have some tea with me and begin our LOVE WORK again...

I am eternally indebted to you. And not because I owe you - - but because I want to serve you.... In gratitude... In love and in partnership.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

With LOVE,

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

This morning I received a response to my email:

“Querida: I am so moved by your words... my heart has received them fully. You don't know how much I needed to hear the worth of the work that comes through me. Thank you for your timely expression of love and gratitude.

I am so happy for you! I am so joyful that your experience at Visiones brought you back to your Spirit Self ~ to your heart and you! Goddess, don't we often forget who we truly are and that we are never alone! I know I do. How simple to come back to ourselves when we have awareness.

With a loving heart and warm hug,”


You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

I have been getting ready... taking care of me... I am back doing my spiritual practice... and I FEEL GOOD!

Last night, I was feeling incredibly strong, I felt amazing... I AM OPEN... receptive... all LOVE... the universe is working in my favor... I am walking in my GREATNESS... and spreading and sharing that goodness with everyone around me. I am LIVING at a higher LEVEL.

I was at Columbia University last night doing some writing with my daughter and at around 8pm I was kind of tired. EXHAUSTED... I had been there since 11am. I just sat there looking at my daughter... I was pretending to be working... when I looked at my phone and realized it was 8:30pm. My appointment reminder on my phone was reminding me about the 8pm conference call... 360º Degree Woman – Monday night call was happening and that there was only about 15 minutes left. So I got on the call...

In the building where we were... there is no cell phone reception so I needed to walk to the entrance to hear the call.

So I'm standing at the door... listening... taking the positive messages in. When this woman and a group of people were leaving and walking right by me.

This woman was TALL... An older woman... With long white hair... Thin... Stunning... beautiful smile... smiling at me... SHE stops dead in front of me...

She says to me: “Tell me you’re a teacher?”

I said NO! I'm not a teacher. I’m a writer.

Then I said... Sorry I can't chat at the moment... I'm listening to a call...

She said: “No worries!”

She stood there for a few more moments looking for something... and then hands me her business card and leaves.

I continued to stand there listening to my call and skimming the woman’s card briefly... not really seeing everything... there was so much on the card... it had like every website and org she's involved in.

So I get home call Lulu to tell her that I MET A WOMAN... talking about this beautiful woman who stopped me...

So I wrote the WOMAN an email:

Hi xxxx,

We met briefly this evening as you were leaving. My name is Alicia Anabel Santos.

Pleasure to meet you.

I'm curious about what made you stop and why you thought I was a professor.

Wonderful meeting you.

Alicia Anabel

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

This morning after my meditation... I received a response from that WOMAN:

See! I knew that you are a Teacher!

Thank you so very much for not being freaked out at this crazy old lady! As I was rushing out to catch up with my friends, I had to stop to admire the presence of a magnificent woman. You have the appearance of grace and strength and wisdom, and my question was more of a projection on my part that....yes, yes, yes, you must teach! Your response sounded a bit modest, as though you are ONLY a writer; it further delighted me, because of course, your own unique observations and the visions generated from your fingers are vastly more influential than the task of inspiring successive classrooms of students. The referral to your websites was the clincher. Sending Humanist Hugs, appreciating your good works, BKL.

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

I immediately responded to this INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL and TOUCHING email:

I guess on some level I AM a teacher. A humble teacher, student and servant.

Your words have touched me in ways you will never truly know. And I wasn't freaked out-- for your LIGHT comforted me--so I wasn't scared at all.

We almost didn't even meet because when you saw me I was debating heading home and decided to stand in place and listen in on this wonderful call about women and achieving greatness.

And then....

You walked by me and stopped. Most certainly projecting your own greatness, grace, WISDOM, love and light. And I was touched by that very brief encounter. That I returned home and spoke of you immediately.

Then I really had a look at your last name. And READ that it was xxxx -- I was shook... My best friend who I don't get to see or speak to very often shares your last name -- Lalita xxxx and I smiled remembering that nothing happens by coincidence and that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. We were supposed to meet...

And I'm grateful we did. I have so many questions.... Like Humanist Weddings???

I would love to spend time with you. Please let me know when we can have lunch or tea.

With love,

PS. I write a blog called Finding Your Force where I share personal things about my life, my process, my writing practice (obstacles/achievements) with your permission I wanted to write about our encounter and share your words in my blog because meeting you was a confirmation that God shows up in many forms.


You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you might find
You get what you need

So grateful... for getting exactly what I NEED~

I have spent the day truly taking ALL of EVERYTHING beautiful that I have been receiving. And decided that this blog is about SERENDIPITY and SYNCRONICITY...

SERENDIPITY defined: as making fortunate discoveries by accident

SYNCRONICITY defined: the experience of (2) or more events that are unrelated - - occurring together in a MEANINGFUL MANNER.

I wanted another definition... so I went to Julia Cameron’s, The Artist Way for her definition for SYNCRONICITY:

“These relationships can manifest themselves as simultaneous occurrences that are meaningfully related.”


I don’t believe in coincidences...

“A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a PREPARED mind.”
–Albert Szent-Gyorgy

Julia writes: “...we discount answered prayers? We call it coincidence. We call it luck. We call it anything but what it is—the hand of God, or Good, activated by OUR OWN hand when we act on behalf of OUR TRUEST dreams when we commit to our OWN SOUL.”

So this blog post is just a SMALL example... of the series of events that are revealed that confirm that we are on our path. MEANINGFUL COICENDENCE... MEANINGFULLY RELATED... MEANINGFUL MANNER...

For me... these are MEANINGFUL MOMENTS~

I want to end with this... Julia also talks about...

“Creativity as a TRIBAL EXPERIENCE and that TRIBAL ELDERS will initiate the gifted youngsters who cross their path.”

Right now I am going through an INITIATION and humbly welcome it~

And so it is~