Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Artist Way – Week 2~ Assignment 1: POISONOUS PLAYMATES~

This week the process is about “Recovering a Sense of Identity… the essays and tools are aimed at moving you into…a self defined you…” Artist Way.

This week I am looking at my POISONOUS PLAYMATES…

These are people around us who help us stay blocked…keep us from reaching our goal… they get in the way of our creativity… since they aren’t creating they don’t get it when we are trying to…

The author talks about CRAZYMAKERS… they like drama… and want us to join them… they just don’t get it…

“Crazymakers are often blocked creative’s themselves… afraid to tap their own creativity…” Artist Way

“Your crazy maker is a BLOCK you chose yourself, to deter you from your own trajectory” Artist Way

It’s our own self-sabotage…

Week 2 – Assignment 1: make a list of 20…

20 THINGS I enjoy doing… / the last time I did the thing…

1. Writing / daily
3. Time with Courtney / a few weeks ago
4. Laughing / this morning
5. Dancing / a week ago
6. Movies / Harry Potter movie July…
7. Dining out / last Saturday
8. Watching the sunset / in NYC before leaving for Bogotá
9. Listening to jazz music / in NYC
10. Folding laundry / last Sunday
11. Hanging with joe and fabi they are so much fun / august
12. Reading blogs / several months ago
13. Reading novels / reading Open Veins of Latin America
14. Playing uno / don’t remember the last time
15. Going to the beach / last time in Florida
16. Visiting DR / April 2009
17. Having great conversation / phone call with Lalita August
18. Meeting with the NYCLWG / several months ago
19. chillin with ely, V, emma or kelly in NYC / before Bogotá trip
20. Learning new things / daily

and so it is...

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