Sunday, June 13, 2010

TAW Week Four Assignment 1: Letter to me at age 80

Today I am reflecting… REVEALING MYSELF…looking back at my journey… what I have learned and want for my life. And realized that today its important that I FINISH what I start. So I am finishing posting my artist way journey in hopes that whatever journey you are on you too will finish it~

With love,

Week 4 Assignment 1 September 15, 2009

Assignment is to DESCRIBE myself at 80… AQUI ESTOY… Me at 80 years old… what did I do after 50 that I enjoyed? Write a letter from me at 80 to the Alicia who is 38… what would I tell myself - - what interest would I urge myself to pursue – what dreams would you encourage?

Hmmmmmm…..I dedicated ten years to successfully launching women and teen leadership organizations throughout Latin America… be specific…

Dear Alicia,

I am so proud of you.. I am proud of the work you are doing to help women throughout the world… you have dedicated your life to serving others when you could have easily made another choice… you could have chosen YOURSELF… chosen to be selfish…
The Afrolatinos project has opened quite a few doors for so many people – you and Renzo should be proud – you have shared all you’ve been through… and all you’ve learned honestly and openly with everyone you’ve met. Your life has been great - - beautiful… FULL and Courtney… what a tremendous job you have done raising her… she is a kind soul… with a great heart… you have taught her well… her work in the world has changed the way adults see children… with more respect for their interests and opinions… you are a great team…

You Alicia are LOVE… I love who you are and honor you… you have a huge heart - - your family, friends, and lulu love you deeply… thank you for coming into the world and for the legacy you have left…

Never stop dreaming – never stop reaching –never stop giving – never stop living - - never stop learning - - never stop LOVING….

The Daughters of the Revolution… by far your greatest work - - you FINALLY finished that novel… and it did turn into a movie… you won an Oscar for it… your first novel - - first film… you have broken so many barriers. They say you are a role model; they say you are a leader. I say you only did what you were called to do. It is an honor knowing you. Love always, Alicia

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