Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The REAL work begins~

What an amazing presentation at Haverford College. The conversation was HEATED... people had a tremendous amount to say... Professors went IN on me!!! I am incredibly proud of the students and professors who were present and engaged in the conversation. Once we can let go of the hang up with the title "Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story" the REAL WORK begins... what we will discover is that there IS in fact a story that has not been taught. There has been only one way we have heard the story told! In the same way that certain subjects are taught and learned for the first time on the college level... the idea and story behind who Afrolatinos are and the tremendous contributions that have arrived to our countries is a story that MUST be told! That is being told! And I am so proud of that!

Thank you Marla Dora Pita Gomez the A.L.A.S Alliance of Latin American Students, the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship and the Hurford Center for Arts and Humanities. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO WERE PRESENT DURING LAST NIGHT'S DINNER!!! You guys CAN and WILL change the world! Please stay in touch with me... add me on facebook, follow me on twitter: @diosadominicana and @afrolatinostv or feel free to email me.

Let's get to work! BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT!

Sending you many blessings~


YOU have a responsibility to serve!

Peace, light and LOVE~
Alicia Anabel Santos, Renzo Devia, & the Afrolatinos Team~

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