Saturday, May 3, 2008


PASSION.... thats a word that sits with me today...
living with...
possessing it...
sharing it...
walking it...

this shit cant dwindle...
passion is what takes us forward...

I had a conversation last night with someone about passion and she said "I've never had romance" then she moved to "he lacks passion" and she also added "he told once that passion goes away." We talked about PASSION as it pertains to keeping a relationship going. WE can apply the theory to every area of our lives.

Where do we find our passion?
How do we feed this passion?
When do we lose our passion?

In LOVE - I am very passionate... I love romance, I love notes, cards, letters, poems, shared music, watching movies, love making, great food, conversation... IN LOVE... how you got me is how you KEEP me. So if the person in my life does all these amazing things in the beginning that ARE what lured me - - that are the things that add spice to our live... and then all of sudden all of if just STOPS... I can see why I would wonder...

Was it all an act?
Were the things done in the beginning merely done to SCORE with me?
Were they just to get me in bed?

How do we intend to keep our passion ALIVE?

Where's the passion?

I don't EXPECT that every day lived in my life will be lived with the high energy that going at things with PASSION demands... but I don't expect passion to DIE~

I don't ever want PASSION to be removed from the equation...

In WRITING - I am very passionate... I love putting words to the page... with my PASSION for writing an idea can enter my head and not let me rest... there's an urgency that is felt with my passion for writing - my passion for subjects I write about - THIS is an area in my life I always want to be passionate about - - and when the levels of energy and passion dwindle - - or the flame seems to be dying down... I will always look for ways to feed myself - - to feed this area.

Its about keeping the PASSION alive~ How do we do this?

Are you passionate?
Where do we find our passion?
How do we feed this passion?
When do we lose our passion?
How do you keep the passion alive?
What are you passionate about?


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