Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Running for my life~

It happened on the train…
It always happens on the train…
The train is where I have the most important conversations with myself about myself…

Today the conversation was screaming LOUD at me… so much so that my heart is racing.

How much do I know about this person?
Can I trust this person?
How do I know they have good intentions?
Is it about this person or is it about me?

I'm thinking about all of the people I have recently met~
I'm thinking about decisions I MUST make~
I'm thinking about ALL that I have to get done in such a short time~

Was I running away from something or running towards something?

I'm filled with this overwhelming feeling of doubt… worry… concern… like I'm about to lose something…

I dreamt a lot last night but don't remember all the details… one dream was about my daughter in college… she was happy… and the other dream was me running – leaping – I even jumped over a balcony down like several flights of stairs – and wasn't injured – on some Bionic Woman shit… it was like someone was trying to hurt me… am I fighting for my life right now. Should I worry?

I'm scared today~

I was asked today: "Are you worried about YOU or someone else?"

Am I worried for me or someone else?

I need to shift my focus…

Here's where I'm at today…

If anyone knows anything about dream interpretation - - what does running mean?

Are you running towards something or away from something?


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