Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chapter 3: What mom hopes for your future~


Today you get two excerpts for the price of one. This is what I wrote on Mother's Day~


Today in church I understood why I was having such difficulty starting this chapter. I am about to explore the FEMININE SPIRIT. I am about to journey into my soul and unlock feelings that we as a women have been taught to stuff deep down… locking the power within and placing it into the Holy Grail never to be found. It’s Mother’s Day and the minister at Unity Church shared a story about Mary Magdalene and the reasons perhaps that the Catholic Church has kept her out of the bible. As he spoke I wondered, were they afraid of her power? Would crediting Mary Magdalene for actually being seen as Jesus’ equal pose such a threat? Why were Peter and Paul so angry that Jesus appeared to her first? What if Jesus saw how powerful Mary Magdalene really was and decided I must have her at my side? At the end of the service I was incredibly emotional; I called forth the strength of all the women who were present to help me write this section. I called on all the strength and pain of all the women in the world and when you ask the universe for something it comes. After having a wonderful lunch with my cousin and her son I headed home to begin writing.

This part of the journey requires everything that I am made of and everything that I have learned. After I was home and settled in, a dear friend was going to bring me groceries and have lunch with me. She stayed only for a short while. Then it was time for me to begin. I went to turn on the computer and it wouldn’t start. I was sitting on my bed and was like, oh no! NOT my manuscript!!! I kept restarting it and restarting it and nothing. The computer screen just stayed blue. I didn’t understand what was wrong. I worried that all the pages I had written were gone. All of sudden I got so tired. I felt every woman in my life. I was exhausted. I was completely drained. My entire body started to shut down. I was falling asleep with the computer on my lap. I was thinking about all the women in my life, my mother, you, cousins, friends, spiritual sisters, aunts and our grandmothers. I was feeling all of the women of the world. I called forth today the pain and strength of the women of the world and one by one I could feel all of them. It got to a point where it felt like too much. I turned off the lights, took off my clothes and pulled the covers over my head. I slept for two in half hours and am now up. It’s 8:40pm and my computer finally turned on. ACHE! My body was calling and asking for stillness, quiet and sleep. This work requires that you take care of yourself and rest. Once I woke up I was ready although I still felt a little strange, the left side of my face was numb, almost paralyzed as if it was still asleep. With all that I have gone through the past few days writing the memoir I now feel ready to begin my journey into my spiritual awakening.

Here's today's excerpt... Chapter 3: What mommy hope's for your future~

Thank you so much for following and supporting me on this journey. I am sending you all peace, light and LOVE.

Always Alicia


juju said...

I was born with a heart murmur and a little hole in my heart too...

Alicia Anabel said...

That means you were born with special powers :)