Monday, July 9, 2012

A writer’s process… it’s a matter of life or death!

Good morning day~ its Monday… The task of sitting with the page is not always easy.
I woke up today feeling weak. I don’t like this. I’m uncomfortable. I am trying to find a place that feels comfortable to write—a position that my body will like. VONA… the first few days of that experience is what is on my mind. I keep moving this journal from one side to the other I can’t get right. I am having a tough day so far. Nothing that I have been doing is working. I don’t feel inspired right now. I feel the muscles in my body wanting to tighten and resist. Doing anything and everything to not stay with the page.
But I must stay with it.
Writing is what I do and is so much of who I am. So as much as there is something inside of me that wants to keep me from writing today. I must write. I must not give up on me.
I have moved from the chair at the kitchen table to the sofa in the living room. I have propped this journal on pillows… moving it from the pillow to my lap. Still don’t feel that’s quite right. So I move to the floor and place the journal on the glass table, sit on the floor Indian style and begin to write… then I realized… shit my feet feel like they are being suffocated by these sandals.
Remove sandals…
Right strap…
Back to Indian style… NOPE! That doesn’t work either. Shit! The vase on the table is in my way. Move vase. OK… sit on an angle… arms are exactly perfect now on the table. Pen to page… we begin!
The writer’s process can be grueling. All kinds of things will rise to test us… to see if we really want this… to see if we are REALLY writers. And I AM a writer!
So as I begin this day with the intention of having (3) pages written before I begin my day… I breathe a sigh of exhilaration… these three pages feel like I just ran ten miles…painful… a little brutal but I stayed with it and refuse to give up on me or this damn story that just might kill me. Yet I know that it IS the story that MUST be told!

Creator, thank you for this day and for helping me get these (3) pages done. Now the real writing begins!

Stay with it!
Don’t give up!
Keep going!
There are people waiting for the greatness that is YOU!
Peace, light and LOVE~
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! I appreciate the words of discomfort and work you went through with yourself just to write 3 pages. I hear that and definitely feel that. I recently skimmed through boxes of writing I have kept for over 15 years and now find myself frozen to writing even a page now. Maybe a just gotta keep trying new ways to sit and wiggle for the writing to come on through. Blessings-