Thursday, April 4, 2013

I WAS BORN! College Tour TONIGHT!!! #UNH

What time is it? SHOW TIME!!! 

Tonight is the night!

My energy right now is over the top! I am on top of the moon! Flying! Soaring!

I am so thrilled to announce that tonight we kick off the

I WAS BORN 2013 College Tour!

What an amazingly beautiful journey.

In 2010, I wrote a play in honor of the many womyn I had the privilege of meeting throughout Latin America. These were stories shared with me of survival, strength, pride, perseverance, family, love, music, religion, culture, faith, justice, equality hope and humanity.

Hope—because these womyn that I met on my journey needed me. They needed me to do something for them. They needed me to tell the world about them. They needed me to be their voice and write their story and they HOPED that I would answer their prayers. This story became I WAS BORN!

I am so grateful to the University of New Haven for hosting this incredible event.

I would like to thank Ashley Vargas and all of the students at the University of New Haven for inviting me to share this important story.

A special thank you to Jenny Perez—for bringing the voices of these womyn to life!

Event Details:

The German Club
New Haven, CT

Event is FREE

With so much love and gratitude!



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