Thursday, May 14, 2009

RUNNING out of time~

The last time she felt this way was September 11, 2001.

When her world was changed in seconds…

That was a moment of enlightenment for her… fuck that - - that was a “bitch—wake the fuck up—slap into reality kind of awakening”.

It was the moment that would forever transform her.

It was the moment that shaped her…

It was the moment she watched two towers crumble around the city that never sleeps…

The city that “IF YOU CAN’T make it here!”

YOU CANT make it anywhere…

Today she’s thinking about greatness~

How there are some who see their greatness through… and they live long enough to see their greatness… to share their greatness… to not be robbed of their greatness… to LIVE THEIR lives with GREATNESS…

Then there are others who are on the brink of their greatness - - and ONE moment changes their lives… MERE SECONDS… a moment that can change their lives FOREVER and then there are those who are born for GREATNESS and NEVER SEE IT…

- Heath Ledger
- Ritchie Valens
- Anne Frank
- John Lennon
- Kevin Belden
- Luis Diaz Sr.
- Selena
- Princess Diana
- Versace
- Sid Vicious
- Aaliyah
- River Phoenix
- Notorious B.I.G.
- Tupac Shakur
- Kurt Cobain
- Jimi Hendrix
- Janis Joplin
- Jim Morrison
- Brandon Lee
- Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes
- Bruce Lee
- Jesus
- John Belushi
- Eva Peron
- Bob Marley
- Marilyn Monroe
- Jam Master Jay
- Martin Luther King
- Malcolm X

Have you ever felt like you’re RUNNING out of time?

Like there is so much left to do and you’ve barely just started?

Barely started living… when something happens to change your life in seconds… something enters your life and takes it from you… something takes your life…

Have you ever been scared to leave your house because you’re worried about when THAT moment that you’re living in… that it could very well be your last?

Cowards… those who take greatness away from another…

These COWARDS are the people afraid of THEIR GREATNESS…

Afraid to stand up - alone!
Afraid to do it on their OWN!
Afraid to see it through!
Afraid to leave!
Afraid to love!
Afraid to grow!
Afraid to let others live, love and grow!

Those moments that come and end a life unexpectedly~

Not looking their victim in the eye…

Shooting them in the back of the head…

People who never saw it coming when they allowed THAT moment to consume them - - that thing they believe they have under control… that moment they USE to EASE the pain…


Angry at the people who take happiness away from others…
Angry at the people who wish harm on others…
Angry that she feels that she needs to run…


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The Craftaholic said...

sometimes we all have the urge to run, but then we should just ask ourselves what we are running away from. Are we running from ourselves?