Friday, May 29, 2009

The Process of CREATING~

What is the process of creating?

Where do we start?

Part of my twenty in 2 for today is re-connecting with my MYSPACE family. We were tight... words were shared... LOVE was always in the air~

I decided to add to my list of things for today to READ some blogs from my list of writers that I follow... and one of my most favorite writers DID NOT DISAPPOINT: SARA FREE... I love thee...

She posted a video that just FILLED me... with energy and love... I feel it throughout my body... YOU ARE LOVE SARA~ THANK YOU~

Courtesy of Sara Free's page... shared with love:

Most of your time will be spent COLLECTING data… DATA that will help you DECIDE what is YOU want~ BUT, you’re REAL WORK is to DECIDE what you want and then to FOCUS upon what you want… THAT YOU WILL ATTRACT IT” from the video

Nothing happens by accident…things always seem to fall into place according to the direction we are walking in..

If my dream is to DO WHAT EVER… insert YOUR DREAM… what are you doing to get there? Are you waking up everyday making decisions and doing things that take you closer to fulfilling it?

We MUST set the wheels in motion… THAT’S WHAT CREATION MEANS TO ME… its MOVEMENT… constant movement… and it’s about TIMING… everything happens RIGHT ON TIME… we must be ready… once THAT WHEEL STARTS TURNING it does not like to stop! We must keep the momentum… TIMING is keep getting ready~

Where are we headed? DIRECTION~ We must move towards something… we must NOT settle for complacency…

Most of this year and last… has been about collecting a tremendous amount of data ALL ACROSS LATIN AMERICA… and all of this NEW FOUND data is moving me into a new space in my life~

I am creating more today than yesterday… and hope to continue to create more tomorrow~

Where do we begin?



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