Thursday, May 28, 2009

Twenty in TWO~ Can't Stop~ Won't Stop~

My cousin Emma and I have been talking a lot lately about moguls… people who inspire her… people she aspires to be like… her role models… the Oprahs, Gates, Puffy’s of the world… and she shared with me a twitter post by her mentor - - it read something like this:

“Make a list of 20 things you need to get done - - you got two hours”

I have been incorporating that 20 in two concept into my daily routine… the past few days have been a hustle and I must admit I’ve struggled a little with it… its an incredible concept - - an idea that pushes you beyond your limits and truly teaches you about time management - - how to deal with interruptions - - those pesty little twitter alerts and text messages - - calls from friends who just want to chit chat… (like you my beautiful sister… spending ten minutes on the phone with me trying to convince me how funny dane cook is - - like I care girl>>>> love you ☺)


20 in 2… is an amazing idea... I am loving it… but I am learning that it is NOT so EASY… its NOT about listing 20 of your most biggest projects and trying to get them done in two hours - - that’s setting myself up for self-sabotage… with unattainable goals…

It IS – about BALANCE… setting attainable - - realistic - - REACHABLE goals (lets not set ourselves up for failure) and not just balancing… but making room for the shit we can’t control - - like long distance calls that are unexpected from DR and Colombia that you can’t just let go into voicemail - - - - we gotta learn to switch up our list… minor adjustments…

I am proud of myself today… I am on my third set of twenty in two…

That makes sixty things I have completed today… THAT’S excellent…

I have a new way of looking at how I go about getting my tasks done… I just START.. tackling one by one… I am not sweating it…its about getting my tasks done.

I am learning how to focus… balance… prioritize… GET IT DONE!

How do we know how to pick what’s more important—when everything seems like a priority? And what about the minor priority things we feel are NOT so important? point is to just list twenty… give yourself two hours and GO~


Thanks Diddy… Thanks Emma - - I love you. Girl - - you are the best non-paid P.A. a girl could have… ☺


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Anonymous said...

very cool how this is working for you! makes me think.