Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Latina Unleashes Inner Power in Finding Your Force: A Journey to Love

"Self-discovery and self-awareness have been themes since the beginning of literature. From Plato’s cave to Huck deciding to go to hell to Piri Thomas crying for recognition down to the enduring affection in “Love in the Time of Cholera.” Now Alicia Anabel Santos writes of her own self-empowerment in “Finding Your Force: A Journey to Love."

"This is a revealing catharsis for the author and a document left from mother to child shared with the world in order to make sense of her life, as she was trying to straighten out the turmoil and the dramas for a better tomorrow. Santos writes directly for her audience and her daughter revealing her most grim and painful experiences and most triumphant clarity. She goes from disorder to making sense of herself as a responsible parent who loves her child and at the same time finds a way to love her self."

by Robert Waddell

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