Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank you for what you did for OMARIS!

Thank you to everyone who attended my book release on Saturday and donated to Omaris' dream. We raised $127.00 USD, that is $225,615.50 COP - $200 THOUSAND PESOS COLOMBIANOS... that is what the average Colombian makes in their country. It may not seem like a significant amount but it something that will help her feed the (130) children who come to her home to eat everyday. What Omaris provides these children with is for the most part the only meal they get a day. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Please continue to support Omaris' campaign by donating below.


This video was created by us to help a woman in the Afro Colombian community. Omaris Andrade Palacios supports many displaced persons in Bogota, Colombia.

To donate to this cause please click the following link:

Omaris Feeding the Future / Alimentando el Futuro


For more information email us at:

Omaris Andrade Palacios (Colombia: 011 57 320 256 2210)

"La union hace la fuerza"

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bloowriter said...

yaaay I was glad to see people be so generous.