Friday, October 14, 2011

Everything happens right on time~

Last month during my reading at Casa Attabex Ache the women who attended the event were asked to write a letter that CASA would then mail to them at a later date. I received this love note in the mail last weekend and only opened it yesterday. I definitely needed to hear these words:

My beautiful Alicia~

I miss you so much~


Alicia Anabel, on the day of your second reading of Finding Your Force I want you to know how much I love you~ you are healing with every word you write~ with every word you read~ you are healing with every woman you meet~ I love you.

I need you to really know that this work you’re doing right now is bigger than you even know. Your work is important. You have so much value and I am so very proud of you~

Light and love~

That’s what I send you.

But I also send you forgiveness and understanding.

It’s ok to be mad, angry and piss’t off.

Stay in those moments I will love you through it~

I love you Alicia~

I love you!

I love what you bring~

I love that you care~

I love that you are always here~

I love you~

Will you marry me?

Love always,
Alicia Anabel

As I head to my next reading on this book tour “Stanford University” I can’t help but feel everything that I am feeling. Things are rising for me that I haven’t been prepared for. It hasn’t been as easy as writing a book and publishing it. Things are resurfacing that I wasn’t ready to feel. And I am feeling all of it. Healing is constant. Growth and evolution are a natural process and very necessary. So today I am acknowledging that I am feeling some pain… and require healing. Yet I also acknowledge that I have been here before and I know that I will be ok.

With love,

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