Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meditation 3: Healing from the inside/out~

I just finished doing yoga and praying. I have to admit I feel really good right now. My body feels strong. My mind feels clear. I am incredibly peace filled. Full. I am feeling filled. Fully nourished.

The thoughts I was having during meditation and what I prayed for was healing. Healing from the inside/out… upside down… all the way around. I am feeling like there was a puppet master holding me by my legs upside down and all of my personal belongings were being dumped onto the floor. I was thinking about my purse… full of crap. Junk, candy wrappers, old receipts and notes on napkins. Basically I was carrying things I just don’t need.

I am healing from the inside/out.

I wrote a book about healing and Finding MY Force and how in each of the moments I describe the ways I was able to survive those moments and come out on top. Whether through healing, recovery, understanding, realizations, faith, prayer and meditation. Yet lately, I have been a bit scattered, feeling lost, alone and lost. I have been angry and in a dark place. It has felt like I have lost every skill, technique and affirmation that has helped me on the path towards finding my force.

Then I feel as if the people around me expect me to have some sort of magic trick up my sleeve and poof automatically I am healed. It doesn’t work like that. I’ve been living with the pain for a very long time but today I no longer want to live here. I don’t want to feel sad or depressed. I want to heal from the inside out.

How do I do this?

I return home! I get up. I un-roll my yoga mat, light a candle and play some beautiful music. I call on all the guardian angels, saints and spirit guides, my protectors, Gods, Goddesses and all the people who can carry me. I call them forth… I call on them to help me. I call on them for strength and healing. I give each of them something to heal for me because I can’t do it alone.

I am asking for help all I have to do is ask! I let go and let my force help me out of this. I trust that there is nothing that my force can’t handle. My force can carry me. My force is healing me. My force is healing me right now with every word that I write. And this is how I heal from the inside out. I let go… let my force do the work through me and I sit still and wait for the miracle.

How are you going to get me out of this one?

I have been here before… so many times and you have always healed me and so I thank you Creator. Thank you for always holding me.


I am on a path of healing~
I am healing from the inside out~
I let go and let my force handle this`
I know that my force can when I can’t~
For this knowing I am so grateful~
Help is on its way~
I am not alone~
I am divinely favored and loved~

And so it is~

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