Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This is history in the making~ A New Renaissance

Today is the day we make our mark!
Today we are on the hunt!
Today there is NO STOPPING US!
Today no one can kill our dreams!
Today we are doing IT!
Today we believe in all good things!
Today we know that when we want something badly enough all of the universe conspires in helping us achieve it.

Today I am meditating on the word community… the people who come together for ONE mutual cause… this is a THANK YOU to my community… to this beautiful community of many colors, genders, cultures and religious backgrounds… this artist community… this writers community… this spiritual community… this FAMILY…
Thank you…
I woke up this morning saying to myself: “No one gets there alone! Remember that!”
We are not doing this by ourselves although sometimes as artists it feels incredibly lonely doing the work that we do. This journey that we have chosen is not without cost and sacrifice against a society that considers only those who are producing as people with “real jobs.” 
Sometimes its hard to be in a relationship with lovers who feel that they are competing for your time… wanting us to choose between our art and the relationship… but where we realize… there is NO COMPETITION for what we are here to do… and we will do it at all cost… even if the cost is losing you!
We are not alone…
I am not alone…
You are not alone…
We cannot take sole credit for the art we create. There is something greater more powerful at work here.
This is how dreams come true… how visions are manifested… as I watch in awe and support a sister living her dream I am incredibly grateful I am here for this moment…  this is why truly supporting each other is crucial… a message from writers of color:
“This is history in the making…”

Favorite quotes:
“Write the story!”
“Are you going to be a what if person for the rest of your life?” Meriam Rodriguez
“I started to take myself seriously.”
“Being influenced by new writers… being inspired by them.” Charlie Vazquez
“It’s all about community!”
“Latino and black writers don’t take their work seriously.” Alicia Anabel Santos

When will we take our art, our passion, our vision, our lives and ourselves seriously?
I am sitting in my bed at this moment really feeling where I am at--at this particular moment. Feeling everything that I am made of in this moment. I am paying attention to every thing that is happening inside of me.  The constant changes… the people who have been sent to help me… the amazing blessings I am receiving and the blessings that are on its way.
Creator, thank you for bringing me people who truly are angels on earth. I have been doing this writing thing for as long as we have been doing this and the support you have sent me has been incredibly beautiful. THANK YOU!
Today is very symbolic for me… not only because it’s June 6th… or 6 being my favorite number… today is also the day I hit SUBMIT PAYMENT for the VONA Writing Residency at the University of Berkeley California… Thank you to every single person who contributed… who held me in love and prayer… THANK YOU! I could not have done it without you. This will be my greatest work yet!
There is still time to donate… $200.00 is all that remains for my fundraiser for the plane ticket…

This is history in the making…
I am so humbled and filled with so much love and gratitude.
Peace, light and LOVE~

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