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Welcome writers~ 12 Week Workshop starts 7/1/12

Welcome Writers!
Welcome to the Rituals of Writing Workshop. If you have decided to take this step its because you have answered that stirring in your heart and soul. You are investing in your dream and you really just want support and guidance. You have answered your call and I am incredibly honored, excited and thrilled to be spending the next (12) weeks working with you and moving through all that it takes to begin your project, get through your project and arrive to completion. 
What to expect

Expect to WRITE! Expect to be supported in your writing. Expect homework. 
Weeks 1 – 4: These first four weeks will be spent discovering, listening, trusting and honoring our voice.
Weeks 5 – 8: During these weeks we will be dealing with everything that rises and threatens to stop us from creating and maintaining our practice.
Weeks 9 – 12: Our last four weeks are writing intensive – we will be sharing, critiquing and work shopping your pieces. This is writing boot camp!

Ritual 1: Ritual of Writing  
Ritual 2: Ritual of Intention & Practice
Ritual 3: Ritual of Unleashing the Writer Within
Ritual 4: Ritual of Surrender
Ritual 5: Ritual of Procrastination & Inspiration
Ritual 6: Ritual of Process
Ritual 7: Ritual of Openness
Ritual 8: Ritual of Cultivation
Ritual 9: Ritual of Story
Ritual 10: Ritual of Loss
Ritual 11: Ritual of Renewal
Ritual 12: Ritual of Completion

Assigned reading: This Year You Write Your Novel by Walter Mosley (please purchase book before first class)

More details will be provided during our first class. There is a teleconference number that I will include in a separate email.
If you still haven’t signed up there are still a few seats left. June 29th is the final enrollment date.

Rituals of Writing

Workshop details~

This course will not be offered again until 2013 so reserve your seat now!

Class schedule:

July 1st
July 8th
July 15th
July 22nd
July 29th
August 5th
August 12th
August 19th
August 26th
September 2nd
September 9th
September 16th

Time: 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Teleconference number will be provided for those out of state. 

Location: El Centro at Hunter College (The Solarium RM E1413), Corner of 68th St. & Lexington Ave.

Workshop fee: $333.00

** $50 Deposit due by June 29th to secure spot. Seats limited**

Payment plan options:

*Option 1: pay the full amount of $333.00 by June 29th

*Option 2: six payments of $47.17 due:

June 22 (payment due) 
June 29 (payment due)

remaining payments of $47.17:
July 6, July 13, July 20 and July 27)

I look forward to seeing and writing with all of you!
Peace, light and love,

See below for detailed description:

Rituals of Writing 12-week workshop~

Facilitated by Alicia Anabel Santos

When will you drop the excuses? When will you choose you first? When will you believe that this is what you were meant to do… were born to do? When will you write the f’g story? It’s time ladies…
The Rituals of Writing Workshop is an intensive 12-week class with the intention of creating lasting rituals when it comes to our writing and creativity. These rituals are about putting ourselves first. These rituals are about learning new techniques and gaining some insight into the kind of writer you intend to be. Who are you? Are you a writer? Do you affirm it? Do you believe it? Do you know it? If you don’t I am here to be that mirror… I AM A WRITER! And so are you!

For twelve weeks we will be committed to working on a project and arriving to completion or getting damn near close. I will support you in going further than you have ever gone alone. For 12 weeks we will be cleaning up house, releasing the BS we have believed to be the truth. We will explore what developing a consistent practice and being disciplined looks like (identifying our own practice). 2012 is the year of transformation and completion… releasing what no longer serves us, releasing the old story so we can begin to write the NEW STORY!  Its time we get out of our own way.

The Rituals of Writing 12-week intensive is a SPIRIT- RITUAL~

We are extracting the ritual in spiritual understanding that they are one in the same. Writing is a spiritual experience and a personal journey into the soul. It is a conversation with our hearts and putting onto the page those things that we MUST share with the world. If writing is something that you want to do for yourself you too are welcome to take this course. Understand this workshop is about forward movement. We are breaking barriers and pushing ourselves harder than we ever have. The old excuses no longer work. There is something spiritual about starting practicing your craft the same way everyday. For 12 weeks we will be practicing the 12 Rituals of Writing that will help us get to the finish line.

About facilitator: ALICIA ANABEL SANTOS

Alicia Anabel is a proud New York born Dominicana who is passionate about writing works that empower and inspire women to find their voices, speak up and demand that they be respected. A self-identified Latina Lesbian Writer, Performance Artist, Producer, Playwright, and Activist, who after reading one too many stories about women she could not wholly relate to, decided to write her own tales that would honor women throughout Latin America and at the same time be representative of the American-born Latina experience.

She recently published her memoir, Finding Your Force: A Journey to Love and is currently completing a historical fiction novel titled, The Daughters of the Revolution. Her one-woman show I WAS BORN was selected as part of the ONE Festival in 2011, held in NYC. She is the Founder of the New York City Latina Writers Group. Alicia has worked for renowned magazines BusinessWeek, Glamour and Domino, but it was an article published in Urban Latino Magazine, "Two Cultures Marching to One Drum," that would change the direction of her life. In 2008, Alicia joined Creador Pictures as Writer /Co-Producer of its first documentary, "Afro Latinos: La Historia Que Nunca Nos Contaron / AfroLatinos: The Untaught Story" WWW.AFROLATINOS.TV, partnering with Renzo Devia, on a project that will change the way the world sees color and race relations in Latin America. Alicia lives in Harlem, NYC with her daughter Courtniana. She works as a freelance writer and activist against sexual and physical abuse towards women and children. She attended New York University and Rhode Island College.

Santos has spoken, performed and held workshops at Stanford University, Yale University, Brown University, Arizona State University, Johnson & Wales University, New York University, SUNY Albany, SUNY Plattsburg, SUNY New Paltz, Bowdoin College, Cornell University, Pace University, George Mason University, University of North Carolina (Wilmington), Medgar Evers College, Columbia University Teachers College, George Washington University, Haverford College, Five College Pa’Lante Event (Amherst College, UMASS Amherst, Smith College, Hampshire College, and Mount Holyoke College) the LGBT: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, Brooklyn Book Fair, Nuyorican Poets CafĂ© and Bowery Poetry Club.

Keynote address at Syracuse University: Without Limits: A Women’s Movement! (2012) Conferences: National Dominican Student Conference (2012, 2011, 2011), Fuerza Latina’s 22nd Annual National Latino Collegiate Conference,"El Poder De Ahora: The Dawn of a New Era" (2012).

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