Friday, June 1, 2012

The Truth of YOU Cannot be Altered!

The truth of you cannot be altered… this is the message that I woke to…

Alicia, the truth of you cannot be altered…
The truth of me cannot be altered!
The truth is you are Divine!
The truth is you are here to do great things!
The truth is the old story was never the truth…
The truth is that today you are living your truth.
The truth is you are beauty in motion.
The truth is you have much work to do.
The truth is I have been waiting for you to seek the truth.
The truth is I have been waiting for you to KNOW the truth.

The truth is I have been waiting for you to live your truth.
The truth is you have always known that the truth lives within you… I’ve simply been waiting for you to tap into the truth and discover who you truly are.
The truth of you cannot be altered or changed!

The truth is... there are people waiting for who you already are!

I love this because it completely releases me from the chains that have imprisoned me believing someone else’s truth. My truth looks and feels very different. My truth is love. The truth is that I am here to do amazing things and I will do all of it. My truth will not be altered or changed. Today I stand in my truth with grace, humility, gratitude and love.
And so it is~

In six days… in six days the final payment is due for VONA… the Voices of Our Nation Writing Residency at Berkeley University in California. It has already been written… not my story but my place this year at VONA. It has already been written. I am so grateful for those who have supported me. I need to raise $795.00 and my goal is met. Will you be the person to help me get there? That is my hope. No amount is too small from $5 to whatever you can comfortable give… you are helping live my dream and we all need support. NO ONE gets to where they are destined to be alone… I thank you for your prayers, love and support.

What is VONA?
“The Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation Workshop is a special gathering of writers who spend 1 week working with authors of color. This workshop honors the literary traditions of heritage and culture and promotes the styles, voices, forms and concerns of writers-of-color and their connections to the literary world. All workshops are intimate gatherings of writers who take their writing seriously and are looking for an experience that will nurture them as writers; heighten their awareness of writing as a political, social and literary tool; and provide a community that supports each writer as they explore issues that require a profound sense of trust and professionalism.”
 To donate:

What I was born to do! 

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