Thursday, June 28, 2012


June 28th

VONA 2012 ... so I have been on the west coast at Berkeley for over a week now and have been really silent on facebook, twitter and every other medium of communication... not even texting.. Today what is rising for me? What am I feeling? Overwhelmed... with excitement and joy. I am surrounded by over 100 writers of color, published writers, non-published writers, poets, fiction writers, nonfiction writers, memoir writers, Black writers, Latina writers, Asian, Middle Eastern and West Indian writers... and its powerful. This shit is real... this right here is work. THIS IS EVERYTHING!!! Surrounded by writers with such incredibly different stories and experiences yet important stories to tell. I am so grateful for VONA! As I move into THIS day I realize the power in THIS moment... today my manuscript is getting workshopped and critiqued... today we will be looking at the characters and story of the Daughters of the Revolution. I am so present. I am so ready!!! Maferefun Oggun!

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