Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 ~ The Year of Completion!!!

I would like to send a special thank you to the following people for your generous donation towards my 2012 Twenty City Book Tour!

Jennifer Perez
Dru Ann Love
Elizabeth Rincon
Rosemarie Reyes
Issa Eugenia
Vanessa Acevedo
Nancy Ruffin
Vanessa Acevedo
Justin Fraley

I am so excited about this part of my journey. I am excited about the opportunity to meet knew people and build community. I may not have reached my $6,000 goal but I have in fact REACHED MY GOALS for 2011. So far I have $265.00 towards the beginning of my book tour and I intend on stretching it as far as I can go. Once I return from Bogota, Colombia IT’S ON! WATCH ME!

I am so grateful to all of you who supported me during this entire process, to all those who have always supported my work I LOVE YOU!

To all those who contributed to my indiegogo campaign please look out for your gifts when I return to New York City in January. From the depths of me thank you.

2012 The Year of Completion!!!!

Its time we complete things! Its time we begin that thing we have always wanted and arrive to completion. What 2012 being the year of completion means to me is that many of my projects are nearing completion. My spiritual life and personal life are finally aligning. All is in perfect order. But we are still not done yet. There is still much to do to arrive to COMPLETION.

I still need your help. My plan is to begin my book tour once I arrive end of January and continue my tour until the end of March and so although my indiegogo campaign is done I am reaching out to you to donate what you can to help me continue the tour along the way.

There are many ways you can help me…

There are several flights I need to book so if you have airline miles you would like to donate I would happily accept that.

If you have a community of people you would like to invite to my reading in your town send me their emails so that I can add them to my newsletter email list.

If you are a book club send me your contact information – help me to promote in your city. There are many cities where I do not have contacts so I will definitely need your help and ensuring that I have a great turnout at each event.

If you would like to host me in your city to save on hotel costs – I ACCEPT!

Anything you can do to help me achieve this incredible dream is appreciated.

Portland, Maine
Boston, Massachusetts
City TBD, New Hampshire
Providence, Rhode island
Hartford, Connecticut
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Richmond, Virginia
Atlanta, Georgia
Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Grand Rapids/Detroit, Michigan
Akron/Columbus, Ohio
Chicago, Illinois
Kansas City/St. Louis, Missouri
Austin/San Antonio, Texas
Denver, Colorado
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Phoenix/Tucson, Arizona
San Francisco/LA/Santa Monica, California
Seattle, Washington
Washington DC
New York City


$10.00 GOLDEN~ “Living my life like its GOLDEN”
You will receive the Finding Your Force Ebook (PDF) ~ includes photos and meditations and special thanks on author website~

$33. 00 CLOSER~ “And I’m going higher, closer to my dreams”
You will receive a signed copy of Finding Your Force a Journey to Love and special thanks on my website

$50.00 CLEAR DAY~ “Rise and look around you, you’ll see forever”
You will receive a copy of FYF Ebook (PDF) ~ includes photos and meditations, signed copy of Finding Your Force and special thanks on my website~

$100.00 YOU GOTTA BE~ “challenge what the future holds… release your fears… you gotta bad, bold, you gotta be wiser…
VIP attendance at author talks, FYF Ebook (PDF) ~ includes photos and meditations, signed copy of Finding Your Force ~ special thanks on my website and personal note from me.

$200.00 COURTNIANA~ “I touched my belly overwhelmed by what I had been chosen to perform… I thank you for choosing me~
Host a private book reading in your town, VIP meeting with the author at one of the scheduled events. FYF Ebook (PDF) ~ includes photos and meditations, signed copy of Finding Your Force, special thanks on my website and personal note from me.

For those who sponsor me in a city or donate a plane ticket:
You will receive the ebook version of FYF, a signed copy of Finding Your Force VIP meeting with me in your town. Dinner, drinks or tea… special thanks on author website, personal note from me and a lifetime of gratitude!

Any offering is towards my tour is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your constant support!

Sending you wishes for COMPLETION in 2012. May you live your dreams and find your personal legend~

Peace, light and LOVE~

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tcfspeaker said...

I am now on page 222, the book is amazing. Last night a friend came over to wish my son and I Happy New Years, and bring us some baked goods. I told her about the book I was reading. Also, I told her how amazing, good, smart, and strong you were. Further, I told her she needed to read this book. My friend was one of the many people who has had a similar childhood to yours. To my knowledge there was no physical abuse, but a whole lot of verbal abuse, and dream killing. Her self-concept still suffers today. I really believe that your life, your book can, and will help so many others. Even I have grown stronger because of you. My speeches will reflect that. Thank you for being you, and I plan to financially support your cause.