Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thank you!

Thank you for supporting me and for walking with me on this journey!

Please continue to visit my blog for all the latest updates on my book tour!

Peace, light and LOVE~


tcfspeaker said...

I started reading your book on New Years Eve. I can not put down, I am on page 169. Your are an amazing human being. There is two things your book helped me with. The first dealt with my son. I am raising him by myself. Your book made me think deeply about how I was raising my son. Was I supportive, helpful, and positive. I received my answer when I had him read your letter to your daughter on page 22/23. My sons response was dad she sounds like you. I felt great. The other thing you help me with was why do seemingly great women settle for men beneath them. I meet two or three of that type of woman everyday. I now know it starts with their childhood/father. Please keep going, I am sure I am not the only person you are helping.

Alicia Anabel Santos said...

Thank you for your beautiful message. I hope to meet you during one of my city visits. You and your son have a special relationship. Thank you for reading my story. Sending you many blessings for this new year.