Monday, January 2, 2012

Meditation 18: Let There Be Love

At 6:00pm on New Years Eve he transitioned from this place. His name was Alfonso. He was Colombian and he was my friend. Alfonso was a ray of light. Whenever I came to Bogota to visit I would make it a point visit him at El Parque Lourdes, where he worked in Champinero. Alfonso sold minutes in the plaza to people who couldn’t afford cell phones.

HIS LIGHT… that is what I will remember most about him. How he would begin screaming in excitement when he saw me coming. He was proud that I finished writing my book. He couldn’t wait to read it in Spanish. A brain hemorrhage put him in a coma. He was my age forty. Young full of life and filled with SO MUCH LOVE. He was an expression of love and joy that he shared with everyone he touched. I am happy that the memory I have of him was dancing, smiling and joking with me in the park.

We were walking into a nightclub when we heard the news that Alfonso was no longer with us… He was taken off the machines Saturday and his spirit left his body. I danced that entire evening in his name.

How will you live your life in 2012 and the rest of your days?

To Aflonso… donde quiera que estes… yo se que estas bien.. mi amigo te adoro… eres luz… se que estas con tus guias espirituales… tu angel de la guardia… se que estas mejor que nosotros… nos veremos un dia… que dios te bendiga… en pas descanses… besote tu Alicia

Let there be love… that’s what I have been thinking about… this is my word for 2012 – LOVE!!!

Love is what we must strive for… not just love in what we do… our dreams… me as a writer, you as a dancer, actor, singer, mother, father, businesswoman/man… not just at work… but to all those in our lives… all those we walk by… even those we don’t know.

LET THERE BE LOVE of humanity, animals and the environment. We all deserve to be loved and we all have so much love to give. Tell someone you don’t know that you love them… people are so afraid to show love, share love, give love… don’t be afraid… no one can take your love away from you. It’s yours to give.

If no one has told you they love you today allow me to be the first…


And so it is!

I AFFIRM: Today I will be an expression of love in all that I do. Today I will be love with everyone that I meet. Today I will allow love to be my state of mind.

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