Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Writing prompt: After the door shuts... @nyclwg #writing #writingprompts #amwriting

After the door shuts and the footsteps die… I am left alone. Left to pick up the pieces of my story. So many questions left unanswered. Who are you? Who were you? Did you always know that I would pick up where you left off? Did you know that I would be the one to write your story and keep your legacy alive? Was I predestined? How did you ever manage to love me after I was the product of such a heinous and brutal crime? Did you not want me near you because you saw him in my eyes? Was I too much of a reminder of his vicious attacks. I want to believe that you only wanted to protect me, yet part of me feels like it was easy for you to get rid of me. Now I too will know what it feels like to never have known my mother. You thought you were protecting me but you cheated me of that. Now that I can no longer hear your footsteps I am left to walk alone, make my way in this world, make some sense of this world. I am left to sift through your past and my own to truly learn who I am. Yet you knew that I would… you were confidant that I would take my rightful place in the DOTR and while I am devastated at your loss. I am strong. I will avenge your murder. I will carry out your orders. I will continue our mission. I will not stop until your murderer is found.
After the door shuts and the footsteps die… all that I am left with is memories… all that I am left with is the sound of your heels coming down the stairs, a military strut, power in your movement, confidence in your gaze…
Time is up!
This my loves felt RIGHT!!! It has been too long since my characters have spoken to me… this feels GOOD. Aché

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