Saturday, February 2, 2008

A message for my daughters~ I see right through you~

I can feel my heart beating

It's in my breathe

I can see the pulse

In my neck



This urgency

Of things

To be released

My heart is racing….

There is so much I want to say and write today~

So much to say ABOUT the things that are consuming and draining me…

I'm feeling all kinds of emotions…

I feel like my thoughts are coming to me at warp speeds…




I just got back from going for a ride with a woman who is on her way to the airport… she is on her way to bail out, rescue, care for -- yet again be there for a man who has spent most of their relationship putting her through a living hell.

HE her son… a son who is torturing her… a son who has no regard for HER or respect for women.

He was stabbed several times~

But she'll be there~

And who

Who's the one?

On the way

To save you

To come

To YOUR rescue

And be

By YOUR side

A woman

It's always a woman

The daughters~

It's the women who are there

It's the women who heal

It's the women who give birth

Its they who will be there

It's the women who give

In the END

To the END

I see right through you~

"You didn't think I'd come back

You didn't think I'd show up with my army

And this ammunition on my back"

- Alanis Morissette

Here's the thing~

I see right through you

The other thought that has my mind racing is that I have been accused of writing in metaphors with fancy colors and beautiful landscapes… so I've been challenged to serve my shit straight up… shaken not stirred…

You never said one positive thing to me about her - - one of my DAUGHTERS - - all you did was point out and express how flawed and damaged she was/IS… DAMAGED GOODS that you don't know what to do with or even care to LEARN HOW TO… a special kind of gift that you choose to ignore and should cherish.

To ignore

To ignore

You ignore

Her silent cries

But I can hear YOU my daughter~

You believe

that she will learn

the error of her ways…


No thanks to you she will be forced to…



Let's be clear

I'm not the girls you have fooled with your words.

You may fool some people some of the time

But not me…

Not this time~

Believe me - - people DO get to a place where they stop being fooled and foolish.

See some may fall for it

And I may be many things

But a fool just ain't ME

ME - I'm NOT the one….

So today's WORDS - -

this love letter that I write…

these words for today….

this message…

Is to inform YOU

that I

I see right through you~

See she's too young

to defend herself

and she may be afraid

to stand up to you

but ME…

Not ME~

I see right through you

And I tower



To let you know

That I

KNOW and that I

I see right through you~

Here's the thing

You use

Oh - - those beautiful words


To capture

To manipulate

To control

Claiming to love…

I see right through you~


Just so we're clear…

Make no mistake

Let's not get it twisted

So there's NO CONFUSION…

Today what I write

Is not for YOU


They are for HER

The little girl

With deep eyes and no smile.

My daughter

See while you are so busy playing games - spending time on your fancy prose I see right through you.

I have words for you…

I have words that do not come from children's books…

And my words

They pack a mean left hook~

"A vocabulary for days bitch…" – Chris Crocker



THAT I cut our time short

I too have words

But these words


Intended to cut

My words

Are to instruct



It's all about SHE

SHE needs you

In more ways than you will ever understand


You have NO idea what she is going through

Yet YOU want HER to figure it out ALONE


THINK about this…

See YOU…

Are playing dangerous games with the hearts of the women you lure… and when you don't get your way you try to punish them. You are the one who USES - - you USE women… You ABUSE women…

I'm here~

AND I see right through you~

I'm onto you~



Never lifting, hugging, holding

The small one

The innocent one

The beautiful one

The one who will love you the longest

The one who will be there forever

Long after the emails, im's and text messages STOP


The one you ignore


Will always be there

See ME

I wasn't sent for you


You busy focusing on your prince

The one you are raising to take the thrown

The one who will continue what you've started

You CLAIMING to be


With love

And honesty

But none of THAT

Is for the little one~

She fends for herself

Because she doesn't give you what you need

YOU with No regard or love for women

The definition of sexism

At its worst

YOU are at your best

"I see right through you / I walk right through you"

But the little one should not be punished or cheated she is a queen in the making. And as you continue to allow her to wander in darkness KNOW and BELIEVE and TRUST ME WHEN I SAY that she will pick up the necessary armor to protect herself while YOU are so busy spending time with your cyber connections focusing on all the women you THINK YOU have fooled.

I see right through you~

Do they know you write them all the same messages?

I bet they believe they're special

You have them convinced

But the little one

Does she believe she's special?

Have you told her?

Do you write her lovely prose?


The ONE who gives nothing

Has their hearts

Their minds

But they mean nothing to him

It's a game…

The little one

What about her heart?

I see right through you~

So my message to YOU

My beautiful DAUGHTER

Is that I was sent

Sent for you

I was sent to share secrets

You will find me or someone like me


I will come to you in dreams

You will learn small one

To SEE and DECIPHER the truth

You TOO will learn

To see right through him

In all the forms he will arrive

You too will learn to walk right through him

What I didn't say and perhaps should have is that you deserve and will have so much better than the man who has your heart.

You will learn

You will learn

You will say

"Don't fuck with me~"

"I come in peace but I'm fast and furious and I take NO ONES shit!"


This man who has no value for women

Raising children

Playing the victim

Piss't that a woman

That a woman

That this woman

Took his manhood

His essence

Punishing the little one

One of my daughters


That's how he works

Don't be fooled

That's how he brings the women in

He'll get angry when you don't fall for his game

And ME –

Best BELIEVE that I am not one of the desperate ones

What he doesn't SEE

Is that HE

Is taking what's most valuable to you

My dear daughter


YOU are my Cielo

KNOW that I'm here when you're ready

I will be here with your arsenal

HE doesn't care about what you need

And to HE

I say

Fuck you

You can't keep the truth from her

Daughter you will stop

You will stop

You will stop

Looking for IT in HE

You will stop

Wanting that love that HE will never give you

And that you deserve

I offer my writing today to the DOTR and all of the daughters…. Specifically the little girl - - my daughter Cielo~

If you have messages for her - - please leave them~


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