Friday, February 1, 2008

"I wish u were mine! Wow you’re beautiful!"

As I was walking to the train this morning I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about today.

The word that lead my thoughts…

Just how happy I am - - yes the word is happy but I am filled with JOY amongst so many other wonderful things.

So Happiness - - that's my feeling state today. It's important to hold on to this feeling because sometimes things can come in and rip it from us….stuff occurs in our lives to pull us away from this feeling - - happiness really is temporary… joy is what we should strive for. But yet happiness is what I feel.

I love to watch people… listening to men and women throwing compliments around freely.

I love the guys who hoot and holler trying to get a girls attention - - with their, "Ay mami I got what u need" or when I walk down the street, "Hey Miss lady, you need some help with those bags – can I get those digits." I especially love it when men say to me, "hey baby, you gotta man - - you wanna man?" But my all time favorite was the dude on Miami Beach who said to me, "Hey mami do you have some Cuban in you? Would you like some Cuban in you?" It just made me want to give them all my number. J

Let's not leave out the women… the girls who chase a dollar symbol looking for men based on appearances. He's gotta drive this kinda car, have this kind of body type, have a certain amount of money in the bank. These women who go to sporting events (when you know you don't like sports ladies) just to meet a man, more concerned about where he might have graduated from than who he is.

We get so focused on the outside…

And today was NO different… there was a little old man… with some words for me this morning to start off my day.

So as I was walking and thinking about being happy about all the wonderful people I have surrounding me especially the "NEW LOVE in my life with an old familiarity." I go back to this little old man. Who was just walking out of the post office at the precise moment that I was walking by it - - and our spirits collided. We almost crashed into each other. He looked at me and said,

I just smiled and said good morning and kept walking and then I looked to my right and there he was. I guess he was trying to catch up because two of my steps were like ten for him. So as he ran up beside me I pulled the ipod out of my ear and said hi. He just looked at me and said, "I wish you were mine! You are so beautiful. Have a wonderful day." I just smiled, said thank you and stepped into the station.

What a wonderful way to start the day. And not just because some random stranger paid me a compliment. It's a happy day when you can recognize someone's internal beauty and seeing who they truly are by the energy they exude - - and an even happier day to see the same reflection in the person paying the compliment.

Things that make me happy:
I make me happy
Helping others
Peaceful scenery / Sunsets
Kissing / Holding hands / The Beach
My daughter / The poet / My family
Gentle but deep conversations
Sharing, giving, and receiving LOVE

What's makes you HAPPY?
Are you happy?
What would it take to make you happy?


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