Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Artist Way – Week 1/Assignment 2:

I was asked to write about my Hall of Champions - - 3 old champions of my creative self-worth… Who have been the people to wish my creativity well? Who are the people who wish my LIFE well?


My four champions are a combination of new and old… and they just so happen to ALL BE womyn. I am surrounded by the most incredibly powerful womyn… they are ALL warriors… my writers circle, my facebook and myspace families aren’t excluded… but THESE FOUR—they would have my back in a bar fight… if I was on the street homeless—I know that I would have a bed in their homes…ALL of them support me and love me… they encourage me… push me and tell me the TRUTH about ME. They check me on my shit~ and hold me accountable~

VANESSA is in my ear… over my shoulder… like a lieutenant… she doesn’t wanna hear it! She DOES NOT allow me to use words to beat myself up. There have been several occasions where I have uttered words like: “I don’t think I can! I don’t believe I am gifted! I don’t think I’m ready!” and she will jump in to remind me of ALL I have done to get HERE… reminding me of EVERYTHING I have accomplished and still have yet to accomplish. Letting me know exactly who it is that I AM! I love her for telling me; “You ready! You got this! You a FORCE kid! I got you…” I can hear her singing now; “if you don’t worry ‘bout where I been or who I saw or, what club I went to with my homies baby don’t worry, u know that u got me!” She GOT ME… there is no doubt in my mind… my kindred spirit… and I must admit…that’s a comforting thought – because HER WARRIOR SPIRIT… feeds me, pushes me and encourages me to WRITE beyond my limits and past my pain~

And we got ELY… she is the female NAPOLEAN… small in height but a giant in her shoes. She is fearless and fierce. Her words move me to laughter—hysterical laughter. We can be talking about the most SERIOUS of subjects, latest topics for discussion or insane situations and she will flip it into a joke that will kill me… she has a way of seeing the world unlike anyone I know… a fresh, real and HONEST perspective… sometimes BRUTALLY HONESTY… some of her TRUTH will sting you. With her I learn not to take life so seriously – not to take myself so seriously and when I am lost in my own world—in my spirit… she slaps me back into reality… reminding me of the TRUTH… “Will my writing love me back?” the importance of time with family - - that THEY are what really matters. Kicking me in the ass with words like “I told you! Don’t trust everybody…” she teaches and reminds me that inspiration is everywhere just open my eyes – stay there~

Awwww and then we have EMMA who tells me; “You cant give it all away… don’t be so trusting!” she worries more about me than my mom. She tells me how proud she is of me and how much I’ve DONE to be proud of. Her words lift me and build me. She has been a believer in me in all the moments where I didn’t believe and for that I love her. I have some very protective womyn in my life - - borderline possessive. They are my eyes when I can’t see.

But COURTNEY… there is NO ONE liker her… she is my #1 champion in my hall of fame! Her words are ALL I NEED~ I believe everything she says about me. She’s honest with me.. Pushes me.. Loves me unconditionally… she protects the child in me… there are moments when she is the MOM… she is why my creativity is ALIVE… why I AM alive… why I was BORN… she is ALL THAT I AM… she is the reason I WRITE… she believed in me when I didn’t know HOW TO… she’s MY ACE… my best friend, my confidant, my muse, my inspiration, my role model… my safe place to land~

I am so grateful for all THE WOMYN in my life… they give me strength…

And so it is~

There are soooo many womyn who are my champions… you know who you are… and too ALL OF YOU—thank you! Peace~

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