Monday, August 24, 2009

The Process~

So I decided to share my process… my writing process through my blogs. I am currently working on three things: my novel (The Daughters of the Revolution), the documentary (Afro-Latinos: The Untaught Story) and using the book (The Artist Way) as an aid to continue growing creatively.

Yesterday I started writing the script – more like the outline for the script for the first segment of the documentary—HISTORY~ during my meditation a word kept coming up… PROCRASTINATION… then other words followed… LIMITATION… HESITATION…

What is PROCRASTINATION really… but a way (AN EXCUSE) for us not to get DONE what is necessary!

Procrastination keeps us from achieving what we really want… it holds us back. When has procrastination served us? For me personally procrastination comes from many moments/occasions of receiving NEGATIVE feedback externally… that I would later internalize.

For me procrastination equaled FEAR~

Fear about…

What they will think?
What they will say?
Will they like me?
Am I smart enough?
Is it perfect?
Do I know enough about the subject?
Am I qualified?
Can I do this?

Once you IDENTIFY where all that QUESTIONING and SELF DOUBT comes from you are able to tear off the many layers of procrastination~

Once you understand why you procrastinate you are backed in a corner. Once you understand what’s really holding YOU back—there is really only ONE of TWO directions you can head in.

You are either going to FINISH IT… go for it… achieve what it is you were born to achieve… living your PERSONAL LEGEND


You can live the rest of your life… living in the past, paralyzed and regretting never having done it—kicking yourself for not going for it.

SO THIS IS AN INVITATION… away from procrastination towards what it FEELS like to get it done, to ACCOMPLISH something, to ACHIEVE your goals, to go after your DREAM, to BELIEVE in yourself, and to take a RISK.

I am personally inviting you to take my hand on this journey and FINISH something – no matter how big or small. I will share my daily process with YOU and I hope you will do the same~

Who’s with me~ this is a COMMITMENT if you accept YOU MUST GET IT DONE… no excuses.


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