Friday, August 28, 2009

The Artist Way – Week 1/Assignment 4: Five Lives

In this assignment I was asked to write about FIVE imaginary lives I could see myself living~

I imagine the life of a FAIRY is full of play time… it would be wonderful to just be flying around… carefree… playful… childlike… I could fly… fly… fly… across the universe… I’d be free… not a care in the world… and I would have my crew of fairies… nia, lulu, bloo, luz, v, fiercefem, kira, kellydee, moca, j.f.s, lia and we would rule the world~

As JESUS CHRIST I would NOT have you do 20 Hail Mary’s and 69 Our Fathers… I would NOT have you searching the bible for answers to the burning questions of life… EVERYONE wants to be healed… long lines outside my door around the corner in Harlem… YES cause that’s where Jesus lives… near the Apollo. People who come to me for the QUICK FIX, the fast answer… I wouldn’t JUST GIVE IT AWAY… I would show you the way… I would show you how to heal yourself… because after all I am Jesus not GOD… we gotta stop depending on others to FIX US… to CURE US… TO HEAL OUR AILMENTS… to make it ALL BETTER. We must learn to look inside and do it for ourselves and once we’ve master how to heal OURSELVES teach and help others to do the same.

PRESIDENT DIOSA DOMINICANA of the Dominican Republic… that’s what I’d like to be called: Madam DIOSA… I only hope that in that role I would resist being power HUNGRY… to not take it so seriously… to not impose OUR laws on the rest of the world… to not enter other nations and rape them of their resources… to TRULY be about DEMOCRACY… whatever that means… to TRULY be about FREEDOM… whatever that means… to HELP more and KILL less. To bring and END to WAR and foster peace… more son cubano, bomba y plena and merengue tipico at our political meetings… to worry more about what is happening in our own backyard than stealing the resources from places that do not belong to us. I would TAX the rich and give it to the poor… I would be forced to answer the question—IS THERE REALLY ENOUGH JOBS for every person unemployed… in my role as president. I will not make empty promises… when sh*& is BAD I will let you know… I would hold fewer meetings and take more action… I’d be more of a grassroots... in your face … on the front line kinda president… you’ll find me wearing jeans and tank top my trademark… NO SECRET SERVICE necessary. My aim would be to do good work and not hide behind the gates of the Palacio Nacional… I’d get my hands dirty… and I’d FIRE mad people… there would be more people unemployed in government positions all over the country…

I am imagining myself as a YOUNG CHILD… of age two or three… when the world around me looks like an adventure… where I want to touch and taste everything… I have so many questions… everything is NEW… where NO is my favorite word… where my innocence is protected – where I am never reprimanded because everything that I do as a little girl is apart of MY GREAT EXPLORATION. I would play all day and sleep all night. As a young child I am FEARLESS – unconcerned about what others think… NO SELF DOUBT, NO INSECURITIES, GUILT FREE, NOTHING EMBARRASSES ME, NO FEAR, NO ANGER, NO RESENTMENT, NO JEALOUSY, NO ENVY, NO HATE… these emotions do not reside in the child in me… because I haven’t been TOUCHED yet… tainted… influenced… programmed… I haven’t learned these things yet. Here is where I’d like to reside… where my fantasies, dreams and imagination are nourished and never LEAVE ME ☺ that would make me happy~

Alicia the BRUJA… having mystical powers on ONE level seems omniscient… makes me feel strong – on another level it would come with great responsibility… to use my powers for good… I’d have a most powerful ability… to see things… to prevent things from happening… I could make things happen…a power I wouldn’t take lightly… I would have to remain in control at all times… because I might get trigger happy and get rid of people that get on my nerves and do so without hesitation~

And so it is~

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vanessa said...

Your words have inspired me to start this process again. Your recent posts have love how you're not holding anything back! Thank you for sharing your journey!