Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Process – WEEK 1 in review~

Practicing The Artist Way – there are two things that are important during this process-doing the morning pages and going on the artist date… this week I have not missed a day of writing my morning pages… I must be honest there were a FEW days where I DID NOT do my morning writing the moment I opened my eyes—but I did write three pages every morning whether it be standing on the transmilenio (Bogota transportation) or our apartment after… ya tu sabe... Priorities people… contact over the pen wins EVERY TIME~ my artist date was watching interviews from Inside the Actors Studio. I love that show… I was able to hear from women I admire… there is always something said that leave a mark on my soul~

As for goals met on my other projects – Afrolatinos is going wonderful my main focus for this month in Bogota is having a working script for our first segment… HISTORY… I have never written a documentary script so I am learning as I DO IT~ I spent this week organizing a tight outline for the history segment and this week Renz (my biz partner) and we start editing this week. It’s going to be an amazing ride through time~

DOTR… the daughters… I am MORE inspired and excited about writing this novel and about the direction I am headed in—I am more motivated than I ever have before. I have a manuscript of about 160 pages (notes, ideas, and scenes) that I am currently re-reading and chopping…removing things that are NO longer relevant. Its interesting to see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown – I started writing the DOTR in 2006 and my experiences up until now are going to make this story so much stronger… I can’t wait to start sharing sections from the novel~ For this I am so grateful… and so it is~

Enjoy your weekend… many blessings~

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