Saturday, April 2, 2011

Excerpt: Keep dreaming... that shit is unattainable~

This is IT... 65 hours to go on my kickstarter campaign... thanks again everyone for following...

My entire life… it has been quite simple… not at all complicated… there is ONE constant truth in my life… so to be told:

“Keep dreaming... that shit is unattainable...”

Makes you question everything… you begin to wonder…. Is this true? Those things that I desire and want for myself are the really UNATTAINABLE, UNREALISTIC, IDEALISTIC?

“Now a title... you're somebody when you have a title~”

Thank you for backing my project... how kickstarter works is that I only get the money raised if the full amount is reached. Please help me reach my goal.

Please support my kickstarter campaign... only TWO (2) more days left: FINDING YOUR FORCE: A Journey to Love~

Peace, light and LOVE~
Always, Alicia

*Please note... once my campaign ends... I will only be emailing excerpts to those who sign up. My access to internet will be limited. I need to protect my creative space so I will be completely off radar* SIGN-UP to mailing list: FYF Excerpts and memoir updates~

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