Friday, April 1, 2011

Excerpt: Marc Anthony was receiving an award...The message was clear~

Some people don’t believe in signs… some people will question coincidences believing that its JUST something that happens… that there are NO divine HAPPENINGS happening here… I disagree. I understand that the universe is always working in my favor… as was the case when Marc Anthony… yes the salsa singer… told me EXACTLY what I needed to do!!!

1994... Marc Anthony... the salsa singer~

I was never going to be the perfect "white" wife~

Marc Anthony was receiving an award~

The message he left me was clear~

*The story I am about to share... I shared it with my best friend... and she said... "Alicia, you will meet Marc Anthony. You will tell him this story. And I did."

And so it is~

Video Excerpt:

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Peace, light and LOVE~

Always, Alicia

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Alicia Anabel said...

Dear Marc Anthony....

Thank you for sharing this song... It always makes me think of MY daughter...

Hey everyone... Check this song out... And shout out to my cousin Ricky Gonzalez on piano.


Alicia Anabel said...

My cousin is the handsome bald guy in the marc anthony video.