Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meditation 5: We forget who we are~

Sometimes we forget who we are and what we know.

After everything that I have been through… after everything that I have written about over the years… after everything that I know to be the truth of who I am. Sometimes I still forget.

In this moment I am suffering from the worst case of amnesia. I am trying to unlearn some things and learn some new things.

For as long as I can remember I have always believed that I can figure it all out--- all by myself. I have always believed that I shouldn’t ask for help. As much as I have opened my wounds for the world to see I have always maintained this persona of STRENGTH. But even the strong fall. Even the mighty is weak. We forget who we are. We forget the truth.

The truth is I am not alone. The truth is I am loved. The truth is I AM LOVE. The truth is this TOO SHALL PASS. The truth is I am beneath all of this debris but I will RISE from the ashes brand new. For this knowing I am incredibly grateful.

And so it is~


I am discovering the truth of who I am and I am living from that place~

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