Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meditation 9: Solitude is necessary~




I am becoming~

November 9, 2011

I am meditating on solitude and what it takes to heal. It takes being alone and liking the person you’re with. Spending time within our pain in order to see how we’ve arrived to who we are. Solitude is necessary in understanding the person we’ve become.

I have spent quite a few months now living inside of my pain and it has been incredibly painful~ excruciatingly painful~ it has felt like I was dying internally every second of everyday.

What am I seeing?

How have I arrived to who I am?

How have I arrived to the person I am today?

This is where I need to stop questioning!

This is where I must stop myself from feeling all of this pain. This is where I pull myself OUT OF IT! It stops today! This is where I pull myself out of my past. Because if I were to stay right here - - right now - - in this moment. What I am seeing is a miracle! It is magic! I have become someone really great. I have become someone who is doing great work and maybe that’s where we ALL SHOULD SIT in the truth of who we are right now in this moment!

So while I understand that I am becoming. I am grateful for this time I get to spend alone in solitude. But I also understand that I am never really alone~

You’ve answered your call Alicia why would you want to hang up the phone?


In solitude I find peace~

I release all pain and welcome the miracles~

I am greatness~

I am love~

I am all that is good~

For this knowing I am so grateful~

And so it is~

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