Tuesday, February 7, 2012

20 City Book Tour kicks off in Providence, RI

Several months ago I was invited to be apart of a poetry night in Providence where I was invited to read from my new book Finding Your Force and it wasn’t until I got on the bus that I started to feel the SIGNIFICANCE of reading in Rhode Island. I had no idea that my body would respond the way that it did. I was incredibly nervous (beyond my speaking in front of people nervousness) this was something else. This was about returning to where I grew up. This was about going back to the state where many transformations happened for me both good and bad. Rhode Island is where I became a mother and then the place where I would become a woman. And so it was heavy. That moment was amazing for me. That’s when I realized that Providence was probably THE MOST important reading of my life and with so much LOVE and GRATITUDE I return to the scene of the crime and where my greatest blessing was born. I am excited to share my story where so much of it is formed.


Sometimes we are called to return and face things in order for forgiveness and healing to happen~

Event Date: Friday, February 10, 2012
Event time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: Books on the Square
Address: 471 Angell Street
Providence, RI

Additional Information: Reception to follow

Web site: http://www.booksq.com/authors.html

Rhode Island writer returns for a book reading:

This is a very special stop on the authors 20 City Tour. Alicia attended Warwick Vets, graduated from Pilgrim High School, attended Rhode Island College and went on to work for the Providence School Department for many years before leaving to pursue her dream of writing in NYC. Join us for a special reading.

FINDING YOUR FORCE is a memoir written in the form of a love letter to a daughter. In this intimate conversation we journey into the darkest parts of Alicia's soul. We walk with her as she digs deep underneath the ruins where all her secrets are kept.

Santos is being called on an excavation to stop running and face those moments that have transformed her from surviving rape, healing through loss and coming out as a lesbian. This is a journey about life, death and rebirth. Alicia tells her daughter a story that is raw and heart wrenching. It is not a love story but definitely a story of love. Santos is a Writer, Producer and Playwright who is passionate about writing works that empower and inspire women to find their voices.

For more information visit: http://findingyourforce.blogspot.com/ to book author readings email: findingyourforce@gmail.com

How I'm feeling about this particular reading this week:

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