Saturday, February 4, 2012

You are WORTHY!

“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it!” ~ The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

Today I am meditating on the emotions… ENVY and JEALOUSY and how incredibly important it is to release those self-defeating, self-sabotaging and toxic emotions & behaviors in order to achieve our own personal legend!

You’ve heard the comments that people say:

“So and so can’t act!”
“So and so can’t sing!”
“So and so should give more to the community”
“So and so isn’t that smart”
“So and so isn’t really that talented”
“So and so slept their way to the top!”
“Why is so and so such a success they don’t deserve it”

And people say these with the utmost conviction… like they KNOW for a fact that this is true!

Many of us spend a lot of time gossiping and filling our thoughts with negative ideas about people who are out there doing it! REALLY DOING IT!

This week I have spent the majority of my time CALLING FORTH that which I want for MY self and MY life!

And just in a matter of days I have experienced a tremendous amount of change… life shifts… things lifted… transformations… confirmations that my path, my journey is the right one for me.

I attended a workshop this week offered by DeAlmas Founder and Author of “You Are MORE Than Good Enough, Gloria Rodriguez

One of the things that Gloria (facilitator, author, spiritual sister and MENTOR) said to me when I mentioned that MY VISION for 2012 is to be a SUCCESS in all areas of my life… was that the place I needed to work from was SURRENDER (a reminder for me because I know this) I needed to release all attachment to what MY ideas of success are and be open to success coming to me in unexpected forms and releasing ideas on how long it would take… being open to it taking however long it needed to take.

Then she said something that has become an affirmation for me a question that she asked me to say to myself everyday - - What is required of me to grow into my success today? How can I be more successful today?

Then Gloria said something to me that I thought was so beautiful… in order for me to have the success I desire “I MUST BE HAPPY FOR PEOPLE WITH SUCCESS!”

THIS is how I call success forth… its not about being envious or jealous of anyone. You are worthy of success… and so am I! For this knowing I am so grateful. And so it is.

I AFFIRM: You are worthy of success! I am worthy of success!


(I posted this blog in 2009 but I wanted to re-share to remind myself where I am, where I am headed and all that I need to be and have in order to get there!)

I started to think about the people I have met on my journey. Those who are in my inner circle and just associations I have made along the way. I look at the people who surround me (us) and how very comfortable people become with how we live our lives. People are comfortable with the person we USED TO BE.

THIS journey ALTERS you forever... you are rarely EVER the same...

I'm thinking about this idea of evolution, growth and stagnation. Where we stay in this place where people have always known us… we stay right where we are in order to make others comfortable. When we start on that journey of finding our personal legend, truly going in search of OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL journey and allowing that journey to take us where it may what we find is that there are those who will be supportive and happy for us and many who will not happy for us.

There are people who will LIVE to try and knock us off our path.


Don't be afraid of these people... they are afraid to walk THEIR OWN WALK. Many people will have opinions about us… and will have much to say about the WHO WE ARE becoming. Yet we don't need to worry about their opinions...

There will be some who will want the gifts we receive for themselves… disguised as envy and jealousy - - the naysayer’s – the people who will find negativity in the joy and blessings we receive.

There are people who will try to convince us that it is impossible to realize our personal legend - - who will fill us with self doubt, poison, negativity, gossip, rumors… projecting THEIR OWN fears of achieving, receiving or reaching their own potential… and in the face of THOSE who doubt US… we MUST continue to prepare our spirit and nurture our WILL to carry on – to continue the journey - - we must honor what we have been called to do… we must KEEP GETTING READY~

I AFFIRM: I am not jealous or envious of your blessings because the universe always provides me with what is meant for me! Maferefun Ochun~

Peace, light and LOVE~

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