Friday, February 17, 2012

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I had a conversation with someone who emailed me out of the blue about my new book and my journey as a writer. She told me that I was an inspiration and that my story was important. In her email she shared with me her incredibly painful story. At the end of the email she asked if I would call her and her mother (who is also writing a book).

The email moved me so much that I felt compelled to call her – IN THAT MOMENT!

While we were on the phone I shared with her that I had no desire to be famous or simply sell 1,000,000 copies of my book. What I wanted more than that was to have 1 million people read it – even if that means for free.

I have decided that an important way for me to get this story to you is by giving it to you as a GIFT. Because I understand that my writing has GIFT given to me. I know that I must share it.

This book was written with so much love for my daughter, for my past, my family, people I have met on this journey… a journey that hasn’t always been easy. In fact, at certain points it has been horrific. But this story is YOUR STORY!

As I said to the woman who emailed me… if this book can encourage one person to take a stand, to make another choice, to release the past, to forgive, to look at themselves in the mirror, to heal from pain… to save their own lives… then I have done what I was born to do.

I have already lived through these experiences and I understand on a spiritual level that God chose me for these lessons – because God understood that I could take it… I could live through it… and I was chosen to tell this story.

And so, please accept this GIFT. Share it with everyone you know. Let’s reach ONE MILLION people. I am grateful for each and every one of you.

Peace, light and love



I have decided to put the tour on hold. Over the past few months I have received quite a few rejections from bookstores requesting that they host my book signing. Unfortunately, they require that I already have a large following in the cities I plan on visiting. I am not deterred. I am still planning my book tour. What I have decided is to REVAMP the tour. Make it more personal. So if you are interested in hosting a reading in your home and can guarantee at least 20 people then I will come to your home, church or organization and share my story.

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