Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Living without LIMITATIONS~ Living with PASSION~ A writers journey...

Last night I attended my first class for Introduction to Screenwriting and it was an incredible experience. Although I am not ready to begin writing my film this class has already served to point me in the right direction. I left there feeling so incredibly inspired and excited. My passion for writing was beginning to dwindle. The internal creative candle was flickering.

Yet after spending 2 ½ hours listening to the instructor speak on the craft of writing and the significance of telling strong stories that candle began burning me on the inside. I couldn’t wait to go home and revisit the work that I have put to the side. Without sounding cliché, in so many ways I feel like the writing session gave birth to a NEW writer in me.

I could tell that the instructor John Ramaine LOVES what he does. He loves movies. He loves writing. He loves story telling. And his love for the craft is precisely what PASSION is!

Passion is the daily practice… waking up daily and loving what we do. It’s a combination of passion and desire for that thing that we LOVE! As a writer… it’s about a constant passion for writing… it’s a deep love for telling stories… and today I am feeling so in love.

The class served as a reminder that I am in the right place doing what I was born to do. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we doubt our path, we doubt our journey, and we question whether or not we should continue.

My response is HELL YES! We must persist! We must never give up!

To the writers who read my words… this class isn’t just about writing for the big screen. The tools and principles being shared serve as a guide for all forms of writing.

Last night, John was talking about movies but I am switching the word MOVIES with WRITING… when he said,

“Writing is a portal to a world with unlimited possibilities!”

Let’s stop putting LIMITATIONS on our art and in our lives!

Next class: This Thursday, Feb. 2 @ 6:30pm

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