Monday, April 9, 2012

Thank you Brown University!

We just returned from the most amazing DOMINICAN CONFERENCE... my dear friend and fellow panelist wrote: "Just back from Co-facilitating the workshop "Dios, Patria, Libertad: Communities Divided" for the 6th National Dominican Student Conference in Brown University, Providence RI. Addressed issues surrounding Dominican LGBTQ visibility and activism, the threat of homophobia and hyper-masculinity to pro-LGBTQ legislation, and the political, religious, and social ramifications of this topic. Truly an honor to share panel with distinguished fellow Dominican commuters Alicia Anabel Santos, Sargenta G, Yoseli Castillo and Francisco J. Lazala. And to José Morillo Rodriguez and all the organizers for putting everything and making this a great experience." ~Carlos Rodríguez beautifully said!

This group of leaders were phenomenal but it was the audience that really made this workshop incredible... they were engaged... really cared about the issues and were incredibly interested in how we go about initiating change... the conversation was incredibly special... from Religion to HIV... to coming out to the family... the space was sacred... the conversation was honest... and we left feeling so much love! Thank you to all of our allies... thank you to all those who support us AS WE ARE! Thank you Brown and the entire National Dominican Student Conference team... this experience will stay with me forever. <3

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congratulations to everyone who participated and contributed . . . sounds like there was some powerful interchanges going on there!

~yoeme homari