Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Writing prompt: the scars you can't see

The scars you can’t see
Masks, scars, first impressions
Parts of me that clothes hide
Bits of me under painted on makeup
If you’re lucky enough to stand close to me or lay beside me you will notice a beautiful scar a straight line across the side of my face.
A wound that a girl left reminding me that my history has not been flawless.
The me then fighting to be heard
Rage consuming 
Anger suffocating 
Resolved only for a moment by putting my hands on someone 
and them swinging back.
I went from putting Vaseline on my face 
in exchange for it on my teeth and a crown.
Beauty pageants
Miss USA
Nuestra Belleza
Stand straight
Continue walking
Step back
What if….
In the Q&A
When asked what I would do with the crown
Me as reina
And I respond…
good evening… 
first thing I’d do is collect every single child who has ever known abuse, abandono, neglect and pain… 
I would beat the shit out of every adult who raises a hand to a child
Would I have won?
Have I won?
This scar…
Does not define me…
Yet it is an important part of my story
Reminds me that I have been places
Seen things
My life has value
I am alive
My story has purpose
I have survived
This scar that I wake to 
does not make me ugly
It is the pure definition of me
My beauty
My future
Will read
She has lived a life

And so it is~

Time is up!

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