Monday, January 28, 2013

Writing prompt: te sentí tan dentro de mi / I felt you deeply in me

Te sentí presente
The singers voice brought me back to Cuba
You opening the ceremony
Olodo olodo
The beats drumming
Para Yemaya fue el canto
Transporting me in the distance
Me fui lejosYemaya – te sentí presente
Te sentí cerca
Te sentí tan dentro de mi
Your salt waters
Rolling down my face
Cleansing me
Tu quien me das todo
Todo lo mio es tuyo
Este espacio
Tus dos hijas
The structure
The column that that holds me up
Your presence
Present in me
Y te sentí
Te sentí tan dentro de mi
I was present
I was surrounded
Thank you
Y me mandaste a Chango
Para recordarme
That I am surrounded
The drums are rising…
they are rising in me
olodo olodo
feeling you
enclosing me
unfolding as me
a part of me
te encuentro en el sonido
in the beat beat beating
de mi Corazón
the air I breathe
te sentí presente
tan dentro de mi
my faith is in you…
thank you for all you told me…
for all you share with me about me.
For all you show me in me.
I’ve never seen you in the eyes of a five-year-old girl before
Beautiful black hair
A strength I see in me
My brother
Somos hijos
Tenemos una historia larga
Una conexión fuerte
My heart is pounding
I feel you present in me
In the calls
In the cries
In the drum
Cuatro vientos
La bendición
Tu canto
Te canto
Ibo che che
Tan dentro de mi
End of freewrite

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