Thursday, January 31, 2008


I was annoyed this morning. I was asked to read something for someone I work with and give them some feedback on it. I accepted the project, read the piece and returned it with my feedback in addition to offering my contact information in case the person had any questions. I wanted to be HELPFUL and provide some ENCOURAGMENT and SUPPORT to a fellow writer – a nudge forward… help in taking the next step.

This was last week. But it has been ongoing for a few weeks…

So twice this week I was being summoned by the source requiring the feedback that they misplaced my contact information… see the problem I am having isn't that someone needs my help… the problem is when I start feeling harassed, taken advantage, my time being infringed upon. So this morning as I walk in the building (I am about to step foot on the elevator) when a coworker yells to me "Yo Alicia! Wait—the person requiring feedback is looking for you… needs to see you right away - WAIT…" it was too early for this… I was like "NO I can't speak to this person right now I need to get to my desk I will check you later."

This is my side~
That's your side~

Boundaries people!

My special someone was just listening to my rant about this morning's event and then said… "Sometimes you just need to let people KNOW - - look I wanna help you - -but I have my own projects" or be like:

Back off and respect my time.

How do we do this in a nice way?

There was a time in my life where I was never afraid to let someone have it. To let someone know what I really thought and felt about them… it was uncensored, raw and unrated… I didn't care how they took what I was serving… the point was that I would serve what ever was required in the moment. So if you did something I didn't like or something you did piss't me off I would let you know in a minute… my feeling was:

Then there's me today… full of love and peace… (Or so I like to maintain as often as possible but believe me I still get pissed the hell off. And wasn't happy this morning. I'm feeling pulled in many directions - - feeling like my space and time is being violated and not be respected – NOT CONSIDERED… people can be so inconsiderate.

How do we deal with those who have no boundaries?
How do we say NO with out offending, but still asserting our needs?


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