Thursday, June 4, 2009

Choosing to SHINE~


Written last year... I realized I never published this blog... one of my words to meditate on THIS MORNING is SHINE

"SHINE: Take risks in your work. Doing things the way they've always been done produces the SAME mediocre, results. SHINE the light on yourself by finding a NEW, better solution" Tsmiley~

I recently finished a book titled, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. And decided I wanted to write about this idea of following ONES journey....

In Coelho’s tale, he writes about going in SEARCH of ones Personal Legend.

It was my fourth time reading the book and each time I’ve picked it up I’ve been in a new place in my life... something always seems to happen to draw me back in.

Whenever I recognize that its time to pick up the book - - I realize that it serves as a way for me to check in - - to see if I am on my journey - to see where I AM AT on the journey - or to help point me back in the right direction.

It seems to happen as a way to get me back on track, reminding me of WHO I AM and on two different occasions I have been in romantic relationships - - while working a large projects - - each occasion forcing me to FOCUS on what's important.

I only mention that I have been in relationships because both times it seems that while things are going so great in my life, where I make progress on my journey - - I tend to attract things that SEEM wonderful on the outside... but on occasion have moved me away from my journey - from my goals... kept me from moving towards my Personal Legend.

So some of the things that I have been thinking about lately are:

How do I continue on my journey towards REALIZING my personal legend while building a relationship?
How do I NOT allow for distractions to take me off track?
When I do get off track - - how do I get back?
How do I stay focused?
How do I NOT allow for things to enter my life and move me away from my journey?
How does my journey get altered? And is it always for the better?

What I do know for certain is that every person that I meet on this journey I am MEANT to meet.

Everything that I experience on this journey I am MEANT to experience (good and bad -- especially the bad) I truly believe this…

Whenever I get to a place of questioning ME on my journey - - I turn to the Alchemist. Sometimes we need a reminder of what we’re working so hard for… what we’re working towards. Reminding ourselves of where it is we are going on this journey and who we are supposed to PICK UP along the way - - and sometimes we’re on this journey to recognize who we’re supposed to LET GO and kick to the curb, so that we can continue moving toward our destination. Towards whatever the treasure is for US at the end of all THIS.

The Alchemist is about a boy who has a dream about finding a treasure. It is a beautiful tale about his journey~

What will his tests be?
What will he learn along the way?
Will he succeed or fail?
Who will show up to aid him or betray him?
Will he reach his destination?

I won’t give it all away but it’s definitely worth the read.

This is a beautiful story about how ONE moves towards finding their personal legend (finding and fulfilling our life’s purpose). This book is a road map into Santiago’s heart and teaches us how we each can make our dreams come true.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting, he thought, as he looked again at the position of the sun, and hurried his pace.”

This quote is about the moment when Santiago sees that he is getting closer and rather than run away from it he picks up his pace to RUNS TOWARDS IT.

This is how I am feeling today... like I am getting really close to the finish line... and am allowing stress and to do lists distract me... this is where I must RUN... with all my might... TOWARDS THE FINISH LINE~ and even when I get there... I must continue... I must SHINE~

The journey teaches us how to turn our dreams into reality. Reminding us that there are many tools we must pick up along the way. Tools that we learn from others, learn in school, pick up from elders, read in books, hear in songs, get from TV… wherever learning happens… we must get STRONG... we must work daily at getting ready... we must pay attention to the signs and pick up ALL THE TOOLS WE NEED...

The most important tool I think any of us can pick up on the journey is PATIENCE. If there is ONE lesson to be learned on the journey is that patience IS A REQUIREMENT and is VERY necessary on the journey – but somehow along the way we forget this, we get scared, we believe we're the ones in control or fail to practice PATIENCE… walking with this sense of urgency and frustration that we allow to fill us this lack of patience… lack of faith - - because we want things in the immediate - - we want it now… we look for these results in the present. THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS!

Then there's: “People’s inability to choose their own personal legends”

I started to think about the people I have met on my journey. Those who are in my inner circle and just associations I have made along the way. I look at the people who surround me (us) and how very comfortable people can become with how we live our lives... with the person we USED TO BE... the journey ALTERS you forever... you are rarely EVER the same... People we know are comfortable with the US we’ve always been.

I'm thinking about this idea of evolution, growth and stagnation. Where we stay in this place where people have always known us… we stay right where we are in order to make people comfortable - - and when we start on that journey of finding our personal legend - - truly going in search of OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL journey... and allowing it to take us where it may - - we find that there are those who will be supportive and happy for us - - but a lot more folks who will not happy for us.

There are people who will LIVE to try and knock you off your path... and take you down... KEEP GETTING READY... and don't be afraid of these people... they are cowards... they are weak... they are afraid to walk THEIR OWN WALK and will have many opinion of the are becoming... YOU don't need their opinions...

There will be some who will want the gifts we receive for themselves… disguised as envy and jealousy - - the naysayer’s – the people who will find negativity in the joy and blessings we receive. And these people who are closest to us may not be happy about our changes or success. And THIS because THEY are not in search of their own personal legend. They haven't learned how to find it for themselves.

There are people who will try to convince us that it is impossible to realize our personal legend - - who will fill us with self doubt, poison, negativity… projecting THEIR OWN fears of achieving or reaching their own potential… and in the face of all those who doubt… we MUST continue to prepare our spirit and nurture our WILL to carry on – to continue the journey - - we must honor what we have been called to do… we KEEP GETTING READY~

And if we don't yet know what that is.... we must figure out EXACTLY what it is we’ve been called to do… DO THAT WORK FIRST~

Where have we been taught to go in search of that THING we are meant to do?
How do we know when we've found it?
Who in our families have lived out their personal legend?
Who are our examples?
Who are our role models?
Who has shown us to go out and get it for ourselves?
Who has taught us to believe in ourselves?
Where do we turn to for this learning?

I am thinking about those people who have followed their hearts... who wake up EVERY SINGLE DAY and are doing what they love... and teaching others how to go out and get it for themselves.

“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Many people have come and gone in my life...

I have had devastating losses... and incredible wins... but the ONE CONSTANT... my mantra in the face of adversity... my prayer... my reminder FOR EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS...

The END of anything... is the beginning of something new, something great, something better... and in the mean time...I keep getting ready~

Its time~

Its time to get ready~



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