Thursday, March 3, 2011

Womyn 3: Goddess of Abundance

Her opening when she enters a room... “Yooohoooo!!”

She’s a bright light~
Brutally honest… in the most real/loving way~
You ask her for an opinion get ready for her response.

To me she is Goddess Abundantia~

The Roman Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity. Her name literally means "plenty" or "overflowing". She represents the idea of abundance or riches personified and deified. Her symbol is the cornucopia, the mythical horn of plenty.

This modern day Abundantia is overflowing… with love, her time, resources, generosity, and kindness…

She is truly one of those GOOD PEOPLE~

Do you have someone in your life like that? Some one who is naturally just FULL of information and wealth of knowledge? Do you have someone in your life who gives ALL of herself to everyone? Someone who out of the blue sends you exactly what you need in the exact moment you most need uplifting or a sign or a message? Whether that come through a daily horoscope, meditation, affirmation… something that could help you develop as a person… she is the definition of ABUNDANTIA~

Abundance comes in so many forms… in ideas, music, people we meet… in the form of manifesting our dreams~

Abundance also comes in friendships~

Jakira Torres is someone who is not only a friend, but she is my sister.

She has supported and helped many people with promoting their careers… (myself included).

She never says no.

She is always there when you need her most.

Volunteering her time and resources for the greater good.

Her smile opens the most closed heart~

She is one the best people I know.

Today Jaki – I honor you. Not only are you an amazing human being but you are someone I consider to be my sister.

You are remarkable.

Keep pushing, keep moving, abundance is already yours.

I love you~

“Abundantia, help me to be like you, knowing all my desires are met in all ways. Replace any worries I may have with joy and gratitude. Thank you for your gifts, guidance and protection. I am truly grateful and fulfilled for I know I am completely taken care of now and in the future.”

Peace, light and LOVE~
Always Alicia


negrahabana said...

Blessings to you Alicia and Jakira and to all womyn soldiers spreading light! I love you all! Esmeralda

Anonymous said...

Yoo hoo!!! OMG! Alicia you are so Yummy!! I will say thank you for this... It is very true and yes let's Celebrate Jaki Today!!! Woo hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Yummy Delish!!! Yay! My Jaki!!! You are so right about her!