Sunday, March 6, 2011

Womyn 5 & 6: It’s not about getting there FIRST~

Friday, March 4, 2011

It’s not about getting there FIRST~

Today I wake up a playwright…

I woke up at 6am… I couldn’t sleep…I am so incredibly proud. I feel so blessed. I am so very grateful. What an honor… what a wonderful opportunity.

This is an opportunity to do great work… to be inspired… to inspire others… to be able to show little girls that they CAN… do anything… that their dreams CAN come true… I am so very grateful. This is an amazing time… the universe is shifting… bringing things into alignment revealing to me that good comes when there is constant movement… it isn’t about getting there FIRST or FASTER… it isn’t about greed or envy… it isn’t about wanting more after you’ve arrived at the destination… what its really about and what I understand today is that its constant movement.

It’s moving forward…its non-stop MOVEMENT. It’s acknowledging the beauty in receiving the gifts… its practicing constant gratitude for even the most minor milestones…like sitting at my desk to write one page… its gratitude and constant movement… I will not stop! I cannot stop… We can’t get comfortable where we are… I must keep moving…

Today I wake up a playwright and that isn’t something I take lightly – it feels amazingly beautiful to have my writing acknowledged and included in the ONE Festival – which will showcase at TEATRO LATEA this April. This moment is truly one of the greatest moments of my life. I am thankful for all the people who hold me up in LOVE… in prayer… who keep me in their hearts.

THIS moment is shared… this craft of writing for me has always been a gift to me… My writing is my gift to YOU… so thank you to every single person who has ever read my work and to everyone I know and those I don’t know... I LOVE YOU~

We are on a beautiful journey together... and I am so grateful… to share it…

“Profound commitment to a dream does not confine or constrain it liberates” ~Paulo Coelho

“Even a difficult winding path can lead to your goal if you follow it to the end” ~Paulo Coelho

Thank you…

Thank you for your support - - writing can be such a lonely craft… I am so incredibly humbled by your love. I have 28 days to raise $10k and I believe that all things are possible.

To you I say MAKTUB~

Maktub is a word often used in the book, The Alchemist… Maktub means… “It has been written,” so when I use the word MAKTUB… I understand that the universal law says that what is meant for me will be mine. And with that I say thank you… thank you for your generosity – thank you for your love… thank you for helping me to get one step closer to realizing my personal legend… I am so excited to complete my memoir and share my story of love with you.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today I am thinking about success… what it takes – the constant determination and hunger to go for it…

To go for what you want.. I am thinking about the email I received from MYROCK… yesterday – he is someone who has shown me what the payoff is in HARDWORK and WORKING HARD… he sent me the most beautiful email congratulating me… it was about how he just sat back and watched me several months ago while I was work-shopping my play…

I had a one week run of performances in October 2010 – five different women playing the lead in my one woman show called I WAS BORN… they each had an opportunity to deliver this beautiful story.

In ROCK’s email he talked about watching me… the night of one of the performances.. it was about how in the midst of one of the most darkest moments of my life. When I was facing an incredibly frightening circumstance due to poor choices… I still managed to move... he wrote:

"I just watched you. Watched you prepare the room for the performance, run the sound, run the video, take notes, basically make sure the show went off properly, that you took care of your responsibility to the task at hand. That was the night I understood how powerful you were, and so I am watching you build from here now, watching you get stronger with each step that you take, and I am proud of you."

That that was when he knew how strong I really am…that was so wonderful to hear… because often times we forget where we come from and all it takes to keep going - - its an inner strength… that requires constant movement... constant pushing... constant building of stamina… constant faith… to ensure success… and to Rock WILK I say thank you… thank you for being here for ALL OF IT~ I have learned so much from WATCHING you~ ILU~

And success IS what I want… it’s what I will have… because I am doing the work… I believe in my work! I believe in what I am here to do and I will not stop… I want to finish my novel. I want to finish my memoir… and share it with the world. I want to share my story because what I understand about this thing that I am doing… is that its NOT my story at all… I understand that my story is a universal story… it’s the story about the human spirit… how we deal with adversity… how our most darkest hours can at the same time be our most finest hour. Its about the importance of constant movement… we are figuring this all out together… and my deepest desire is to reach my kickstarter goal. So that I can share this story with you.

So for today… I am the woman I choose to honor today~

Thank you for walking with me …

To support my project: Finding Your Force: A Journey to Love~

*Only backers will have access to my project updates... I will be posting excerpts from my memoir*


And so it is~

Peace, light and LOVE



Anonymous said...

Thank YOU. Te amo

BoricuaChola said...

Keep going 'mana! Ache!

lalita said...

You are free for take off!!! I love you beautiful girl.