Thursday, March 10, 2011

Womyn 8: A Warrior Resides~

This next womyn could be compared to Napoleon… only because she packs a mean punch in her petite body~

She is fearless~

She is STRONG~

LOYAL~ if you are lucky enough to have her in your life she will have your back forever.

Her ability to see through people… to see the truth in people is just ONE of her many gifts.

Its her HONEST… straight from her core feedback that is were this warrior resides.

She holds nothing back~

She has been writing poetry for over 20 years… yes you read that correctly… she may look 20 but NO… she has two sons in college… and a young daughter…
She is an inspiration to me~

I am lucky to share a bloodline with her~

Her writing is honest, raw, and powerful~

At the same time she is able to tap into her inner child and create work and art that warms your heart and makes you smile or laugh your ass off~

She is a POET without the need to be called that.

To me she is one of the most brilliant writers I have ever read/heard.

She writes about LOVE in this piece
: He gave Me God

Once I lay
Void of hope and grace
He came
With bouquets of promises
Sewn from all my misfortunes
Sets of perfect smiles for every occasion
He brought
Ideas I wanted to make into
Perfect realities
And he gave me God

Watered all my imperfections
Creating beautiful broken flowers
Which don't quite grow for the perfect eye
But for the stable one
Who really sees

He gave me God
Not in a book
Or stone idols
But in his action
Without fear
When all I saw was shadows

And in the waters of my discontent
He bathed with me
And it was just us
The God in him
And me

She writes about battling an illness and NEVER letting it stop her~
The Process of Getting Clean

…and about the lessons found in the journey and how one always has an opportunity to begin again... EVERY... DAY~

Start Anew....

As I sit here and think about this past year there is so much that has happened and although there is a reason for it all and a lesson at every step I wonder if it really needed to go down the way it did. This is not about regrets or resolutions because I don't resolve to do things I just do them, most of the time unplanned so this is just thought.

So much has happened this year to me, for me and against me and I must say I am grateful that I have not had the mordacity to ask "why me"?

I believe mostly because there are many going thru worse things with their heads held high and there for so shall I ( ooooh a rhyme :) ) and also because with the hard times have come many blessings. Besides I will not be brought down by worldly things…
Dialysis is at times easy at times hard so I ride. Sometimes I look at the process, the needles and the meds and become a bit disillusioned as to how far my battle may be although I know I am ready and able to fight it. I have great reasons to win as well and I will. One day I will be sitting here writing about way back when and this will be a distant lesson full of ups and downs as all of life is.

And so today… I honor YOU… Ellie “Bloo Writer” Estrella, your work, your love, your support, your laughter, your strength, your HEALTH~

To read more of her work visit: BLOO WRITER

Peace, light and LOVE~
Always Alicia

If you have ideas for people I should write about please send them my way~

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