Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seeing our writing, our craft... as OUR discipline~

Good Evening Writers,

We are three days away from beginning the Writing With Intention Workshop.

I have been thinking heavily about each of you and the kinds of stories you--WE MUST tell!

Writing is not easy. Committing to sit down everyday at the same time to write can be challenging. Preventing distractions and not allowing procrastination from taking over and consuming us is an art. Writing is a solitary act and requires discipline... not the kind of harsh discipline where we punish ourselves for not writing a certain scene or exploring a particular character. Its not the kind of discipline where we self-deprecate because we didn't finish our book this year.

The discipline I am talking about here is seeing our writing, our craft as OUR discipline... one where we understand that we are disciples of our craft.

Writing is our discipline~

Writing is very serious business and an incredible honor. There are those who believe that writing is frivolous and insignificant. This is simply not true. We are artists. Our craft.. our discipline is just as important at the chemist, the philosophers and great thinkers. We are historians, archeologists and anthropologists of the written word. This is what OUR discipline means to me.

We are writers perfecting our craft... we are perfecting our discipline.

As writers we must write because this is how we learn... this is how our discipline grows.
As writers we must write because this is how our stories get passed down.
As writers we must write because this is like breathing... it is the blood in our veins... the heartbeat of our chest.

Those who are disciplined writers understand that, "Writers Write! Writers write everyday. Great writers read the great writers."

This is what the Writing With Intention Workshop aims to achieve--we are honing our discipline! We are approaching the page as writers of our discipline.

I am very excited about where we will be taking our stories. The next six weeks are not solely to develop a story... we will be digging deep and discovering all of the secrets our stories want to tell us and some secrets we had no idea existed. This is what Writing With Intention is... it is writing with purpose, it is writing with direction, it writing with openness and clarity, it is writing without the inner critic, it is writing surrendering to the process, it is writing with patience, it is writing with LOVE and it is writing with INTENTION!

Writing With Intention begins this Sunday, November 11th at 3:00pm.

A gentle reminder that tomorrow is the last day to register for the workshop. Please let me know if you will be joining us so that I can add you to the message board--access to the file folder is by invitation.

To register:

I look forward to writing together.

Sending you peace, light and love,

© Copyrighted Alicia Anabel Santos 2012

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