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Can you trust someone you don’t respect?
Can you respect someone you don’t trust?

She told me that she felt like she wanted to shut down. She said she just wanted to crawl into a shell and not come out. She didn’t feel like speaking to him - - actually she didn’t feel like having to prove that what she was saying was true. She didn’t feel he respected her. She didn’t feel he trusted her. She gave him NO reason to feel this way stating that she has had no desire to stray. She told me that she felt like he didn’t trust her to hold her own. She felt like he wanted to come in and save the day - - but she told him that she didn’t need rescuing.

I can see what she means… I know what this feels like… I know what its like to not feel respected by those closest to me… I’ve had people say to me "WOW Alicia! I have so much respect for you and all you do and all you’ve done!" But then I see and hear something else in their actions -- they always show me something else~ they always show me the truth~

Actions always speak louder than words! People can tell us anything they wanna tell us. Like Bloo always says to me "when someone SHOWS you who they are - - BELIEVE them." I swear by that quote: when someone shows me who they are - - BELIEVE THAT… TRUST THAT~ and I haven’t been wrong yet!

If I trust you - - I respect you as a person - - I honor you and your word…

If I don’t trust you - - I probably don’t respect you - - I most definitely don’t believe a single word that comes out of your mouth.

When I trust you… I trust that you will follow through on your promises, vows, and your word -- is in fact bond… I trust that you will follow though on what you say you are going to do - -

BUT - - if in the back of my mind I am recalling ALL the moments you failed to follow through on your promises - - all the moments you didn’t do what you said you would do - - how can I REALLY trust you - - and if I am keeping score - - how am I really respecting you? (I’m probably NOT respecting you - - and I probably don’t trust you)

When we tell people how to live their lives we don’t respect them we don’t trust that they can make up their OWN minds - - we’re trying to run THEIR lives - - we don’t TRUST that they can make the right decisions for themselves.

With RESPECT you know, trust and believe - - I can make it. You have NO doubt in me. You don’t show me this TRUST and RESPECT for me in just simple words but in your actions~ and if I make the wrong choice – which I’m sure I will… when I fall - - you will give me your hand - - not kick a sistah while she’s down - - I won’t hear from your mouth "I told you so!" or "I told you it wouldn’t work!" and you would never say "I didn’t think you could do it!"

INSTEAD you will help me get off the ground, dust myself off and say to me "You got this! Handle your handle! Go for it! I got you!" And in that way I will TRUST, BELIEVE and KNOW you respect me!

When I put my trust in someone I expect that they will do what they SAY...

Trusting IN someone... means there’s something I believe they have that I need (faithfulness, honesty, respect, loyalty, truth, LOVE) and that there is something I HAVE that I believe they can take away from me... this is placing my TRUST on the words rather than the ACTION~

I PLACE my trust in the divine in you~

Why do we place our trust in one another?
What are we hoping this OTHER can give us?

I trust YOU not because I trust you or your word... I trust the divine in you - - just as I trust the divine in me... I trust the actions behind your words - - I TRUST what you DO or DON’T do~

I read today and have heard this quite a bit - - people saying: "I will try to change" or "I will try and make it to xyz…" or "I will try to call you later" or "I will try to TRUST again!"

A person who is trying is not DOING!

YOU DO OR DONT... that’s it... it’s that simple...

I no longer trust in what people SAY - - I trust in what you DO~

So you either TRUST or you don’t - - that’s it~

I read today... Trust is not something people must earn from us - - nor is it something we give to people who have proven themselves worthy~

Every being is worthy of being trusted~
Either you trust or you do not trust~

I release the idea that my trust in SOMEONE somehow controls how THEY will react or behave in any given situation~ I also release the ME that needs YOU to trust and respect me - - you either do or you don’t~

Can you trust someone you don’t respect?
Can you respect someone you don’t trust?
Why do we place our trust in one another?
What are we hoping this OTHER can give us?
Do you trust?


Where do I place my trust?

I ONLY rely on the divine to sustain and fill me~
I trust that the divine will provide me with the wisdom to make the right decision under every circumstance I encounter~
I will rely on what my heart tells me is true~
I will not try to trust - - I do trust~
I trust that all my needs are being met~
I trust that the pure desires of my heart and soul will manifest~
I trust in all that is good - - the divine is the only sustenance I will ever need~
I trust that the divine provides all things~

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