Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I can’t wait to... Dominate you~

It's been a long time… since I've come to the page~

I figured I would spend this morning free writing….

My prompt today: I can't wait to…

I can't wait to spend forever with you~
I can't wait to publish my book~
I can't wait to get home and see my daughter~
I can't wait to get my life in order~
I can't wait to be in a job that is fulfilling every single day… not just on occasion~
I can't wait to go to sleep - - I'm exhausted~

I can't wait to get my mojo back… my writing mojo~ I have missed writing my blogs; I have been really distracted lately. I have been here before I know what this distraction is really about…get it together chica… I can't wait to get back in to the swing of me… I can't wait to close my eyes and wake to all the wonderful things that surround me…

I can't wait
I can't wait
I can't wait

For my thoughts to not be dominated by ONE~


This word just jumped out at me…


This is my word for the day: "Dominate"

What does "dominate" mean to me?

To be dominated…
To be dominating…
To dominate…

Which one am I? Which one are YOU?

I have been on all sides (no pun intended)… of the domination fence…

There have been instances where I have been forced to submit - where I've had NO control over the situation. Then there have been situations where I've been forced to submit where I had ABSOLUTE control over the situation and whether or not I wanted to stick around and be dominated. I have loved being/playing the dominator… and I have enjoyed being dominated.

Yes - - on occasion I have been accused of being controlling. When I was younger I dominated conversations and not allowed people to get a word in (I hate people like that…I'm glad I stopped doing that… now I just completely drown out discussions with my own thoughts – still controlling you and you don't even know it - - kidding).

Then there are instances I have been put in the position of dominating certain situations because people don't step up to the plate and are often looking for someone to take the lead.

When is it ok to possess this quality??? Dominate vs. submission…

DOMINATE defined: To control, govern, or rule by superior authority or power: Successful leaders dominate events rather than react to them.
To exert a supreme, guiding influence on or over: Ambition dominated their lives.
To enjoy a commanding, controlling position in: To have or exert strong authority or mastery. To be situated in or occupy a position that is more elevated or decidedly superior to others.

Do we all answer to someone?
Is there some twisted pleasure in being controlled?
When is it healthy - - not healthy?
Which one are you?


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